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Hi! I have uploaded downloadable versions of the game for each platform as well as the pico-8 cart. Enjoy! 

this colour palette is so beautiful! I’ve never seen such vibrant water in pico8

sadly i cant play the game due to this error message. looks really fun though

The full source code is available on the lexaloffle bbs:
(Licensed under creative commons)

Glad you had fun! I think I need to make it clear that you can re-land in the game itself as the same thing happened to a playtester, so will look into it. 

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!
This was a great idea, and I have just uploaded a new version with this change.

wow! great job!

Post your High Scores here!!

Hi! This was an amazing idea! I have implemented it and it's improved the game drastically so thank you!

Hi, sorry to hear that, which bits are you struggling with atm?

Yeah thats really strange, not sure why that's happening. Thanks for pointing that out though! I'll look into it!

(Download should still work great)

this may, no word of a lie, be the greatest game I’ve played on pico-8. Everything from the game play to the effects to the cutscenes was top tier, great job

Haven't even played this yet. Just want to tell you this is the best description on the website.

Thanks for playing! These are some great ideas that i've implemented into the game. I had planned to make a way of repairing a wider area but couldn't think of a decent solution so dropped it at the time.

Also. As a repair droid you have no idea who these people are, but it's safe to say that someone wants them alive and someone wants them dead (hence being steered into the asteroid field)