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This game was pretty good

I loved this game!

Really neat concept, really well executed! Really enjoyed this game.

I still enjoyed it :-)

This game didn't scare me

I funded this game and was not disappointed!

My burger went into the backrooms

Awesome game!

Pineapple on pizza?!

The jumpscares in this game really got me!

I really enjoyed this game!

I got all 3 endings!

Really enjoyed this game, jumpscare got me pretty good 👍🏻

This game was pretty good 

Really enjoyed this game

Not that scary

Got stuck on invisible walls a lot, but I still really enjoyed it! Thanks for the game!

This game almost scared me...

Really enjoyed playing this game, short but sweet!

Really enjoyed this game!

Really enjoyed this game, jumpscares we're pretty good!

Really well made game!

Escape the Basement of Madness is a thrilling text-based adventure game where you find yourself trapped in a mysterious basement. With no graphics to rely on, your imagination will run wild as you navigate through the dark and foreboding chambers, solving puzzles and unraveling secrets along the way. Your goal is to escape the madness and find your way to freedom. The game is designed to challenge and thrill, with an emphasis on immersive storytelling and intricate puzzles. So if you're looking for an intense and captivating text-based experience, look no further than Escape the Basement of Madness.

Game is far from finished and might not reflect the final game, let me know what you think so far.

Can some tell how to progress any further?

Really really short, but still fun

This game was pretty good for being built in a week.

I had so much fun playing this game, can't believe it was your first, so well done!

Thank you! I wouldn't sit on the throne though 😂

I played this game on my channel, it was a bit too much like the crypt terror, but I look forward to more original games, good job!

I really love the fact that you looked into the lore!

I just uploaded a video about this game

Really short, but really fun... was looking for more endings...

A bit of a weird one, could use some polish... had fun playing it 

Not sure if this game was meant to be funny or scary... It was pretty decent but none of the scares got me...

I had fun

I played this game for a video

I made a short about this game, hope you like it