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Very cool little demo, PS4 joystick support would be nice. 

I did that... and went and stood on the switch above..  and the 2 parts of the switch activate.. presumably to turn on the lift.. but then i get off.. and  it  it doesnt work.. so the robots at the bottom  occasionally walk on to the lower switch..   so if i can get the box up the stairs.. eventually they will step on the lower one.. and i can then presumably get to the terminal. 

Superb looking game...  i couldn't even really get the lift to the terminal to work.. after i went all the way to china town to get the push pull ability.. and then  not being able to push the  box up the stairs after 5 mins .. i gave up.  as easy as you think your game is.. id make it possible for idiots to play it.  will there be a sprint  to move about quicker? its got great promise.. id just maybe say make it easier at the start. 

i was playing on 21:9 aspect so  i may have missed something. 

Hi! Here's me announcing the Balloon Hi alpha demo 
Its a short casual arcade game about hot air ballooning. Its inspired by pilotwings and crazy golf. 
and I really wanted to make something short casual and relaxing , but... the game can get a bit frantic.

Download the demo :

The demo is about 9 weeks work. and is the first map in game... Channel isles.   Each map has a different type of gameplay style..  Polar is sliding on the ice.. City is more pinball. etc. and I'm currently working hard on the other maps whilst still tweaking the core. 
I think this first set of levels is ready for feedback and id love to hear what you think. 

I'm a one man dev now and this is my 6th indie game, the games and team get smaller each time, I originally wanted to make zelda lol. though i have worked for 20 years making other peoples games mainly as a animator. Ive always loved the whole process , design, art, sound design and music..  not so much the code as it makes my head hurt. but  id like to give this little project my best and see it out  into the gaming world early next year. I hope you enjoy this little peek and thank you for your time.