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Also... Where did you find it, Because I can't... I keep an active roll at f95 to control as much as I can, and I know they haven't shared it.   and I googled and hit a few pirate sites, can't find 0.04 anywhere outside patreon and subscriberstar

believe me I know.frustrates the crap out of me.  I banned the guy that shared the version of nexus with all the subscriber stuff.   and its not that this release is subscriber only, I just don't want to hear the bitching for releasing without female route, thats why the week delay. 

I can use CC through stripe if I let itch handle the payments 100%, but they take more and the hold onto the money longer. with direct integration their is less fees and I get they payments instantly.   I have argued with Stripe repeatedly on this issue on how they accept cc payments all day long for adult content here, and quite a few of them can be consider child pornography...

I've tried repeatedly, Stripe (only cc processor allowed on itch) doesn't allow adult content.

fixed. Thanks for letting me know. I hate having to use google drive for this.

Crap. I know what it is. give me a few.

3.5 will go free when full day 4 is released next weekend.

Thanks, Ill look into it.

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I will look into this. thanks.

can you let me know what route you are playing?

Yeah. Newest only hit patreon for now due to incompleteness of the female route, and people don't like when I publicly post without female route.

It should continue fine... Their was an issue on one of the updates that didn't work but I fixed it a few days later and pushed a fix. As far as I know they are working. Are you on mobile, pc, mac?

Early access for full day 4 just hit patreon, contains 1500+ images and 14 animations.

Full will be released here next week, Just finishing up some female route things.

Thank you for the feedback.

for ava scene. The pacing was set around the music, however, I discovered after having to replace my primary monitor that this doesn't work.  Even though renpy's documentation states refresh rate or fps does not effect transition timing, going from a 60hz monitor to 165hz proved to me that it does because it is way out of sync on my system now, and the only thing that changed was the primary monitor. So that idea is a bit in the wind atm. So its going to be changed to more standard ero scene on the next update for the time being, till I find a solution.

my idea with it was "watching, WHILE touching my big banana" :) but seeing the responses, a lot of people loved it, a lot of people hated the hands off approach, so once I figure out the timing issue, it will be a choice, you can choose standard scene, or the 8 minute music timed scene.   also looking into a mix of both as renpy does support multi synced audio tracks, so i could keep timing  across tracks and adjust music 'style' as you click through the scene.

further feedback :)

Personally I would love to be able to do things like that more often, I would love to animate more, even the more subtle "animations" using just a few frames in a more stop motion kinda thing. The reason I don't atm. is I already render to much, its a personal OCD issue with me. trying to get passed it.

The working directory for this game, contains over 20,000 renders, a little over 5000 have actually end up in the game... its a problem ;)

But I have been trying to do something differently in this pending update, their is a lot more expression changes, more '3rd person' camera angles, because I realized over time, doing a first person only camera angle, while serving its purpose, limits you on a lot of things. so much can be changed about the feel of a scene just by adjusting camera dof, angle, position, etc.

Yeah, im sorry, not really a choice on my end. Stripe (only other option on itch) won't let me stay on their service, they keep kicking me off for bull shit reasons like adult content and crowd funding. 

It will be going on steam with day 5 release, and I'll look for other ways to sell it too.

Thank you for your kind words!

And just to give a heads up. Next update will be out soon, It was supposed to be out already, but due to a glitch in renpy and some things changing in the story, it took a little longer to make sure everything is adjusted accordingly.   Will be hitting subscribers next week, and here shorty after (Just to make sure theirs no major issues.)

its this way on everything, you have credit card transaction fees and then patreons fees. Credit card fees is where most of it goes on the $1 because credit card companies have a minimum fee amount.  But the ratio gets better on the higher levels, which is why patreon recommends $3 minimum because is meets these minimums on a % level. So you get 2.37 on a $3 patreon. Same goes for subscribestar too.   Some brick and morter buisness wont allow you to use credit card for transactions under $5 because of this same thing.

in case you haven't checked, I did add the $1 level back, patreon actually didn't like me doing that, they prefer the minimum to be $3 now, which makes since, with the fee structure, for $1 donations, I get like $0.38

Steam release will happen when Day 5 is completed.

All updates for this chapter are "free" after you pay, i dont reset payments like some devs do.

the only question is when the chapter change happens, originally slotted for day 10, its could likely happen at day 5 due to mobile size restrictions.  But if it happens at day 5, then chapter 2 will also be free if you purchased this, as I feel $10 for 10 days is a good distribution.

The $1 tier got limited on patreon when the game went for sale here on itch, this was due to people joining for an hour at the $1 level then leaving right after they downloaded just so they could get access to the game for $1. I could of just not published the downloads to the $1 level but I felt that was unfair to those have been supporting at that level since the start of this project.     Let me look into creating a secondary $1 level for those who want to support but cant afford more, This level wont have access to downloads though.

Its coming here, just been really busy trying to finish day 4

No app should work, but this was a very minor update, only a few minor code changes ahead of the release coming in a week or so.

lol, not married anymore, separated a few years ago. my life anymore is being a single dad and making adult games ;)

Things are a bit behind because my kids and I got sick.

I just got the xmas special out on patreon yesterday.

can't give an estimate on full day 4 yet.

ive tried, Stripe keeps kicking me off due to adult content, and pay pal and stripe are the only options here, the only other option is to let itch completely handle payments but the fees are higher and they hold onto the money longer, I may switch to that soon, but with xmas and all I needed faster access to it.

Its on the front page of, right below the links to the games.

I've tried, Stripe refuses adult content, and stripe and Pay Pal are the only options here. You can buy with credit card on paypal.

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Yes, Can be turned on and off through the in game phone.

their is a free version, its the "demo", its just listed as such because that's how itch wants to list it, free version will be update to 0.35 when 0.4 is out (Full day 4), Free version will always be available, just will be an update behind, and won't contain some of the extra's, like the upcoming Christmas special.

huh?  If itch triggered some kind of update the other day, it was just me changing the header and adding the xmas background as the xmas special will be available by xmas.

Was originally going to be done by christmas but I had the flu and had to take a little time off, so shortly after xmas, but there will be a xmas special coming by xmas.

Unfortionately i got kicked off stripe again, they dont like adult content. And stripe and paypal are the only 2 options supported on itch.  Even without a paypal account you should still be able to pay with credit card through paypal.

and allot of the reason for the really fast timing, is to get as much fluidity as I can. it would be like when you convert stills into a video, you have frame blending, which is essentially really fast transitions to fill in frames so you have more fluid movement and less jerkyness, frame blending just makes things smoother overall. and running fast timing for transitions is essentially doing the same thing, and with a timed sequency, I cant just convert everything to a video because if I need to change 1 thing, every part of the video would have to be redone and retimed.  but it has the side effect of phones really hate it, phones don't like to transition between a bunch of images in a very short amount of time.

Maybe I am not fully understanding, All I see is a much slower additive/dissolve transition from what I normally use. I did fade into black allot during that scene, but believe it or not, in renpy, to do that, it has to transition to a black image. My most used transition timing in most cases is 1 second for most the game, but for sequences like that, I transition in 0.06 and 0.04 timing between stills and then 0.1 and 0.5 when fading to black. 

On patreon, the voting ended with like 75% loved it and want more of it, the other 25% was more or less its cool, but is it worth the effort.   It took about 50 hours to do that scene, so for your average person that's a week of work, but at the rate I work when I am really focused on something, it was 3 days.

Yes you can blend in renpy, and that's mostly whats used, their is actually only 5 animations total in that scene. But i do prefer to do the animations vs blending for a few reasons, actually takes less time for me to do as I don't have to babysit the computer while it works, and phone's HATE blending. Actually had to add a new feature due to this that limits the frame blending because it crashes on a lot of phones.

I am being kicked off stripe again, they claim they dont support crowdfunding.

but i find this pretty weird considering if i let itch handle payments, it uses stripe, im just not allowed to use it myself?

I wouldnt even consider it crowdfunding considering its the payment for my game. No more then buying food from mcdonalds is crowdfunding.

Anyone delt with this?

wow.. it will remain here, just because its on steam doesn't meen I'll remove it from here so hopefully you can still get it here.

Whats the laws over there.. first im hearing about this, honestly figured the us was most restrictive on this

All the developer stuff is done, I am just waiting on full day 4 before I submit to valve for review.  It will be early access. Day 4 will be out by xmas and at that point ill submit to valve, so some time in january?

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