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Played on an Anbernic.

I'm so jealous of your mastery in adding perfect color to your game. Pixel art is top of the line too. Awesome animations, characters... what can I say. I loved every single moment! To walk in the town was amazing, I love the overall art. The first screenshot I saw in tweeter I knew this was a treasure.

The game feels chaotic in the best of ways, had lots of fun in the demo level. So much mechanic integrated to the platform areas and some wholesome moments on the top down view as well (frisbee part was awesome).

Just beautiful. Kudos for creating something this special. Attention to details in every frame and every pixel deserves a special award.

I could keep praising this game, 100/10. Keep the amazing work. Im a true fan of your work. Gratz!

Thank you Mosthumble09! Glad you enjoyed it! There are many stuff missing in the first chapter like the boss not working properly and the achievements not being balanced, also some mobs behave oddly due to poor programming skills ha ha ha, but Im making sure to improve a whole lot the final game. It's getting huge (for a gameboy game lol) and working in it is been quite fun until now. Hope to see you around for the release (still a way to go to finish it tho he he ). 

Not yet! Ha ha ha. But I can tell you there are over 200. The retroachievements  page is a good start to see some achievements you can earn.

Hey gusclouds! So glad you are enjoying the game! The first key is purchasable, the next ones are inside the dungeon. First one is a bit tricky, it involves pushing a block ha ha ha.

Working hard to get that release. Still need to cook up many stuff. Stay tunned for more!

Aha! You need to enter the secret storage (small dungeon) to find out! Ha ha ha.

Looking forward to the full release :).

Looks and feels great. Loved the characters. Just tested the browser game but want to dive deep into this game. Is the GB rom a demo or the full game? Congrats on the game. I love the tone of it.

I appreciate your time reading this. I wish my writing was better and have more time to really polish the content but know all is shared with love and passion. If you come up with something specific you want to know around the project feel free to ask! Thank you and have a great one :)

Hola! Muchas gracias por el apoyo! No hay nada mas importante para mi que los jugadores disfruten y se diviertan con el proyecto. Estare en contacto pronto con ustedes. Muchas muchas gracias!

Thank you! Yeah, I try to have fun making the game because I believe somehow you share that feeling on what you are creating and part of that fun gets printed there if that makes sense? ha ha ha.

Wonderful day to you too!

Thank you! I can tell you I have way more fun making the game ha ha ha, but recording these thoughts are also great and a big part of it too. Thank you for the support and reading it! Cheers!

Ha ha ha, thank you for reading! I would love to write these each day but too much is happening right now. I'll keep em coming every week. So glad you like them.

Ha ha ha! Thank you! We had the baby in the month of September. It has been a blast. Im tired all the time but totally worth it!

And yes! RetroBreak rules! I have been craving for more content since Nick moved to another house. Had to see his videos multiple times because of that.

Thank you for reading! I love sharing the passion around making games, makes me so happy that you are enjoying it. 

The first time I realized a game idea was for a board game with my friends ha ha ha, but that as well is for another story.

I can't wait to share the next episode since "The Blind Rabbit" was the game I started to dedicate a lot of time and I really loved the idea... but it got complicated. Hope to see you on the next post and tell you more about it!

Cheers! Have a great one!

It really hooked me up. Craving for more. Ha ha ha

Amazing! I love this! Music is great and artwork blew my mind!

Thank you JoelJ! Thank you for always being there for all my anoying questions ha ha ha! I can't wait the day both our games sit next to each other on my shelf :D. When I got yours in my hands I was determined to get my game in such a perfect physical edition!

Hey man! Still a long road to walk ha ha ha. Thank you for always sharing kind words and support. Im sure we will reach glory together! 

We have two more teasers coming up. Right now is all about the kickstarter news, but I am preparing a little bit of the history before glory hunters and how I got into GB studio. Will post it soon. Advertise free content I promise ha ha ha :D.

Thank you! It won't disappoint you. Bitmap Soft always delivers best quality products. Have been working a lot on what we want to deliver as a final product. And just wait what we have prepared for the collector's edition! Can't wait to share it with everyone!

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Thanks a lot for the info, will sure check it out! My main priority right now will be finishing the game, polish the gameplay experience until my eyes burn and if everything goes well we might see a full color version of this. I want to retain the ability do display it in a green color palette as well as a black and white one and that info will surely come in handy.

Thank you for the kind words. Let's hunt for glory together! Ha ha ha.

Nooooice indeed! Ha ha ha. I hope you like what we have been brewing on our dark caves of magic ha ha ha! Just a few hours for a little teaser :).

Have a great one and keep up the love for the Game Boy, the fantastic portable grandpa still lives! For glory!

Thanks for the words. Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone enjoys something I create. I will start posting here more updates and even some history behind Glory Hunters. 

Any help is welcomed, sometimes sharing the love for a project is even better than money ha ha ha. Believe me that if I could afford it I would go crazy giving away the game to many people as possible.

Tomorrow I will make the official announcement on the next step for this project. 

Hope to see you around! Have a great weekend (playing Glory Hunters ha ha ha, just joking)!

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Thank you for reading! There is no substantial changes to latest game version, just some tweaks here and there (like being able to skip logos and intro screen).

I can't wait to come back and continue developing the game. I have so many ideas for it (realizable ones ha ha ha) but for now I've been working non stop on material to promote the game and planning a lot to get Glory Hunters as a physical cart (once I finish it).

I hope to see you around and look forward for new characters and gameplay I have prepared! Tomorrow we will make an official announcement!

Again, thanks for the kind words. I hope you had enjoyed chapter one. A friendly reminder: the skull cave has not been opened yet by anyone... so you can be the first one!

Have a great day!

Cool game. Very colorful. Jumps to high speed pretty quick but other than that I enjoyed it :).


It was mentioned once. Im thinking it has something to do with dialogue size. Noted and will look into it for future patch. Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it!

Count on it! I want to dive deeper into the rabbithole ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha! Happy you enjoyed it! You can get over 200 glory points (some really hard). Let's see who's the one to open the skull cave first!

Brutal! Brilliant art and animation, fun gameplay and great puzzles. A must have for everyone's GameBoy library. An excellent example of how hard work pays off with a great product. Congratulations guys! 

Great art! Fun to play. Gratz on a job well done!

Thank you very much!

Really fun and entertaining game. I love the fact that you can spend a lot of time playing this because of the replayability and arcade elements. Great job and grats!

The physics of this game are amazing and feel great on real hardware (tested in gb color and emulation device). I loved both the target mode and the vs computer one. Overall it left me craving for more and will check back for later updates! Great control and graphics! Takes a lot to polish the player's control and you nailed it! Congrats!

I dig the art, but the real soul of this game comes from the writing and the risks it takes with some mechanics which I loved. It felt refreshing and very interesting. Great job and gratz on your game! Keep risking and creating unique experiences!

I really liked the character design behind this project, it teleported me right inside the game. I would consider this more like an artistic expression than a videogame (in a good sense I swear). The "feel" of it is there, I just wished I had more gameplay mechanics or maybe to be longer since I really liked the characters and want to know more about them. Great job. Very original. A cool experience (one of the best) anyone can get out of the gameboy!

Really fun game! I have always loved your art and I enjoyed every second of this game. I didn't know you could get more endings! Gonna replay this baby a lot! Great work Filipe!

Very fun (i'm addicted). I love the fact that you choose a lobster to be the main character, very original and great game design. Loved the graphics... I loved everything about this game! One of my personal favorites from the GB compo 2021. Everyone go and download this game!

Fresh mechanic with great graphics. Great job guys. I can't wait to see the final product! Had a good time playing it :D!