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Yeah. The isometric point of view is very appealing indeed. The idea of making an RPG like Super Mario RPG has always been on my mind, or even a spinoff of glory hunters using this view. Hopefully this idea can evolve into something playable and fun in the future. You never know! Ha ha ha.

Thank you for the wishes! I appreciate them!

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Yep.. happened to me too. Want to make a video about it. I had to go back on every corner of my game changing from local to temporal when I had the chance (whenever someone asked you a yes or no answer and stuff like that). I also turned many of them to flags, and it was a nightmare because I had to keep track of them on an excel ha ha ha. This took months to fix. I also used a global variable that was shared among minigames or numbers that could be reset on init screen.

I discovered this issue when I realized the variables were rewriting themselves (I didn't know you could check how many active variables the game had).

I feel you, it was one of the most terrible feelings I had while scripting the game, because I knew the only "fix" was going back and redoing most of the interactions and stuff. A valuable experience that will not repeat itself. Local variables can turn your project into a nightmare, and temporal ones are your best friends (whenever you can use them of course) alongside with flags and using global variables multiple (and I mean a LOT) whenever you can.

God I could re live the feeling just reading your post. I shared my experience with my Kickstarter backers, but a proper video showing this tips needs to be done ha ha ha.

Im sorry it happened to you, but I also know you will never, NEVER ignore that issue in the future. The trauma can be huge ha ha ha. Cheers and best wishes on your project!

PS: Deactivate the "view connection lines" as well and get used to work without them, no matter if you are working on an old pc (like I did) or a PC master race moster machine (tested in a few). By showing them on your project you will start getting unbearable slowdowns with everything (including simple stuff as writing dialogue) and you won't be able to even select scenes anymore ha ha ha. "Flies away"

Ha ha ha, took forever right? Thank you for the cheers! I hope you find in it lots of fun. I can't wait to read your reactions and comments! Which path will you take and which kind of glory will you hunt? Rise!

Beautiful! Thank you so much for the content and amazing video! I hope you had fun!

Ha ha ha. Happy birthday! I already made a post on social media. Glory Hunters will officially release digitally in Itch on June 8th:

Will make a post in here to officially announce the date. Thank you for your interest and support! May glory find you in every single step, always.

Hello Tyler! I will be making an announcement about the official release date for the digital version in the next few days. Had to fix a few small bugs, but I think the game is ready! Hit me up with an email at so I can provide you with a review copy to start doing that review! 

Thank you for playing the demo! I hope you enjoyed it. Full release coming soon!

Amazing work Robert! Very fun experience. Definitely a must have for the GameBoy collection!

Amazing! Looking forward for the future of the project! Congrats on such cool game!

Yes Damien! I feel so ashamed there is not proper credit in the demo! Please forgive me for such a big mistake, Im truly sorry! Your credit is included within the final release and I will update the info on the game's page as soon as possible! A copy of the final digital release will be sent to you in a few months. Thank you for creating such amazing fonts and sharing them with the world!

About to start open beta with kickstarter backers in search of bugs, typos and overall polish of the game. Im sorry the game has taken too long to cook, just making sure I deliver you a game doing my best. You can expect the game to be released within 2-3 months from now in itchio. Thank you for your interest and hopefully we will see you again in Glorianta!

Glorious soundtrack from a glorious composer! Love every single one of them! Thank you Rodrigo for pouring all your love to the project! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Woooow. Mesmerizing! Beautiful art!

Thank you! Feel free to explore it further! Ha ha ha. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks a lot! Pokemon and Mario Land 3 are one of my favorites! Gotta finish Wario Land 3 soon! Thanks for the comment!

Beautiful! Love the reflexions and the perspective. A magical zone for sure. Well done!

Thank you! Will try to develop the idea in the future. Thank you for the words and the comment!

Amazing job! I love how the perspective makes you feel you are looking through the leaves, the water and the shadows of the objects in the bottom of the lake are on point. I hope the fish doesn't suddenly eat the cat! Ha ha ha. Well done!

Thank you so much! It was really cool attempting this perspective. Glad you liked it!

Wow! I love the skeleton and the perspective! Such an amazing entry! Beautiful art!

Awesome! Not even the kraken can take down the GB! Ha ha ha. Love the art. I bet that monster will have a great time with the awesome discovery it just made!

Beautiful landscape, truly shouts out adventure and the thrill of discovery. Amazing image that evokes the amazing journey to the unknown with the hopes of an amazing discovery! Love the work!

My face when I discovered GB studio ha ha ha! Great work Robert! I love how you create different colors by using tethering. Such a pro move, one I've got to learn for future projects.

Just amazing! Love every corner of it! And that ramen looks delicious! Ha ha ha. Great work!

You and me got similar ideas on our submission! Hope they reach each other!

Wow. The thick line around the GB really makes it pop out! Amazing work!

Love it. A giant Gameboy in all it's glory!

Thank you Joel. I It helped quite a lot to just readjust some of the sprites I already had and arrange then in an isometric view. Still a lot to learn using that perspective but it was quite fun and helped distract myself from the routine. I love imagining little dioramas inside my gameboy with their little worlds happening inside it ha ha ha. Thank you for your comment!

Thank you! Glad you liked it! I really love the isometric art within games. Maybe this could turn into an idea for the future! Ha ha ha

Thank you! First time trying to make something with an isometric view. I always love to think the characters in a GB game (or all videogames for that matter) have their own little life within a diorama style world ha ha ha. Thank you for the comment and for organizing this! It was really fun!

As every single art piece you make for GB: Totally awesome. Love every tile :). Gratz in being so talented and thank you for sharing and being a pilar in the community. Your work always inspires and leaves us in awe (Im a fan ha ha ha). Cant wait to see it running in a GB!

Ha ha ha. You are making me blush, it is what it is, your game literally rocks! Ha ha ha. Sent a message over Facebook. Ha a great weekend!

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This game looks and plays amazing. I envy your spritework, it is something else! Very well done, congratulations!!! Awesome piece of art here! I would love some kind of collaboration between your game and mine (Glory Hunters). Hit me up at X (@2think_ds) if you are interested. Congratulations on such amazing game, I truly loved it!

Glorious! The tone of the game really got me. Fun and immersive. Great job! Great game! Test it out in original hardware as soon as possible. Will update!

Felicidades Pat Morita Team. Controles hermosos, musica y sound effects maravillosos, divertido muy bien pulido. 10/10

Mucha suerte en el compo!! Toda la energía positiva hacia ustedes!!!

Thank you for playing! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Full game in less than one month (hopefully), so stick around!

Happy you are liking it! Cheers!

Thanks for reading! Always happy to share. If there are specifics you want to know just write them down and Ill write about them! Cheers!