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I love this, 10/10

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really cool but buggy

Would be a REALLY GOOD mobile game

Unique idea but hard to get used to the main mechanic. If you threw in a tutorial and made an easier to understand pointing system, I think this could be something big!

I loved this! a few bugs I came across but nothing too crazy! I love everything about this game, it feels very polished. I would LOVE to see this idea expanded on! good job!

I had fun playing this. I really like the feel of the game and think this would be a really satisfying feature in a full game! good job!

I made it so you didn't know who you were until the very end. Building up tension and  mystery all the way through leaving you wondering what is really going on, then at the very end it all makes sense. Thank you for playing!

I cannot express how much that means to me, Thank you so much for your feedback! It has made my day!


un-cover the secret hidden in this little town using the connections from the town members. 

6 possible endings. With only 1 being the good ending...

Thank you! I really love seeing people play my game!

Just Finished fixing it, Hop back in and try to set a new high score! To proceed you will need to fail though lol.

I was unaware this was still a bug in the game... To proceed just fail the game lol... I will fix the bug as soon as I can!

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Leave your reaction to the ending in the comments

LMAO. I actually was not expecting this, looks like a lot of fun

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A story about a mentally disturbed middle schooler. Don't be fooled by the fun art style, its only there to throw you off.  Download and enjoy the short 20 minute experience for free.

Check it out :)

Anyone willing to critique my game is more than welcome, I love constructive criticism and would love to hear any feed back or tips to improve in the future. Just here to learn and improve :)