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Not my schtick, per se, but there were definitely some articles that grabbed my attention. I learned about “Non-Violent Video Game of the Day” which comes from a great article, and a great resource to discover.

Never mind. It isn’t working in the Itch app, but it works from the browser.

Jet Buster community · Created a new topic Downloads?

I’m a bundle consumer and I can’t install this game. Something I should know?

Included in our review was Doodle Date!

Spoiler alert, I give it 5 stars!

​I had more fun than I expected playing this game! The narration was a little cringy, but I think it all played well in the story. I don’t know if there are multiple endings, but I feel like there could possibly be a couple of different paths, if not endings. The only real complaint I have is the controls. I wish I had more freedom over the “brush” to size it, and I wish it was anti-aliased. As a suggestion, I think this game might be really hilarious if it was developed more like a Mad-lib.

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Do you know if the Rating comments are viewable by the public? It looks like a lot of games are getting more general comments rather than reviews, even when the comments are sometimes actually reviews.

I'd like to interface with via a Discord bot. The APIs I read about don't seem to really get into the public aspects of Itch, but rather the publishing marketplace or the individual account. I want to query lists of games and get complete lists back to work through. What possibilities exist for this?