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KAPIA is now LIVE on Kickstarter.  Please support!

After four years in development, our point&click adventure KAPIA is now live on Kickstarter. If you like what my husband and I have created, please come support our project. KAPIA is a story-driven point-and-click adventure executed in a classical style of 3D quests from the mid-2000s. 

Stefan, a retired pilot and a strong-willed grandfather, takes on the responsibility of solving the mystery of a global lockdown. Little does he know his most powerful ally will be his little granddaughter, Reny.

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Our family-crafted KAPIA is heading for a Kickstarter in just one week.  These are new screenshots from our point & click about Reny, her grandfather, and the people of Dome KAPIA. 
If you like our work, please consider supporting: Steam:

Thank you for the video! It looks awesome :-) glad you enjoyed our game and look forward to your further videos!

I forgot to mention, that "tab" button will come most in handy on those challenging spots in the game. 

Like a negative feedback on objects, yes. Thank you! We will try to provide. :-) glad you could figure it out! Hope it didn't influence your experience.

Please try using power bank on the opened hatch, it should do the trick.

Thank you guys, I did let know the admin, yesterday morning. :-( 

Is there anything else I can do to get an additional upload space?

I sent a mail to support, but I haven't heard back.  Is there anything I can do to speed things up? We are at a beta release stage and have a pre-launch on Kickstarter. 

Our game is around 2.5 GB.