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Would be nice to see that on Posting Demo on and paid version on Steam kinda defeat the pleasure.

Very nice prototype. Should have turn into a full game, whith game saves.

Go go go ! Seems like I have been waiting for the final release for years (or maybe I had ?).

Amazing game. Keep the good work !

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Great idea.
It lacks a tutorial or at least some mouseover explanations.

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Hi, just for your info, you can run flash games in the Flash standalone player, even since flash is not supported anymore in browsers. I have thousand of Flash games that  still run perfectly fine. Even more, Flash games still run perfectly fine on portable, encapsulated versions of pre-2021 browsers. 

Good luck !

Thank you for porting this to Mono. I Used to play the Flash version until Flash was stupidly killed. Great job !

Excellent ! Will it get out of demo someday ?

Hi, great work so far. 

Did you considered adding n "Undo" possibility - which is critical for sokobanesque games - and also a way to change the isometric angle ?
A 10° or 20° angle is the perfect angle for "isometric" games IMHO.

While I tend to dislike 3D adaptations of ineherently 2D games such as Sokoban, I must admit this one is well done. At least, it isn't isometric. But there is a very bad lack of "Undo". Sokoban is a game where "Undo" is critical.

Many thanks ! 10° is perfect for me.

Hi, very nice game, but would it be possible to switch to a non-isometric view, or at least to a more natural angl, say 25 ° instead of 45° isometric ?

Great work ! Interested by a paid version as long as you make it downloadable.

Having baught and enjoyed Push Blox 1, I picked this one without hesitation.  These are games for the whole family, that makes brains grow (well, maybe not mine, it's toooooo late, but my children's one for sure). Keep the good work !

Great soko variant for the puzzle lovers and the whole family !

Playing with the demo I find this brilliant.

However there is room for improvements :

- make it more colorblind friendly. I don't know how exactly, I admit this must be a challenge. But there must be a way.

- instructions for the level should be always on display

- there should be a visual clue of the desired ouputs. For example by overing of the output squares ?

- the desired output is often messy? While it is OK, it would be more satisfying for the eye if the output was always a nice looking pattern. Before trying the demo I really beleived the aim was to draw patterns from the input mess, while most challenge are filtered output (as far as I can see from the demo, maybe this is  a demo bias). Or maybe it is just that being partially colorblind I don't see the resulting patterns  :-o

- selected component should remain selected until unloaded, for quick multiple pasting.

- need for French translation ?

Hi Robin,

I just baught the beta (2016-04-07).

Congrats ! It really feels like the good old version 1.24 Blackshift.

One problem: I understand you may need internet connection during beta testing for telemetry, but please make it stand alone once out of beta. Internet is no safe place for kids and there is no reasons a game could not be playable offline, at least for single players.

(By the way I didn't noticed the old Blackshift from the XP times failed in Windows 10. Last time I checked I was under Windows 7 x64and it worked great. Good idea to rewrite it for modern OSes)