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Playing with the demo I find this brilliant.

However there is room for improvements :

- make it more colorblind friendly. I don't know how exactly, I admit this must be a challenge. But there must be a way.

- instructions for the level should be always on display

- there should be a visual clue of the desired ouputs. For example by overing of the output squares ?

- the desired output is often messy? While it is OK, it would be more satisfying for the eye if the output was always a nice looking pattern. Before trying the demo I really beleived the aim was to draw patterns from the input mess, while most challenge are filtered output (as far as I can see from the demo, maybe this is  a demo bias). Or maybe it is just that being partially colorblind I don't see the resulting patterns  :-o

- selected component should remain selected until unloaded, for quick multiple pasting.

- need for French translation ?

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Thank you!

- Colorblind mode is on my todo list. I'm currently working on a bigger update and it's very likely that some kind of "colorblind mode" will be included. What kind of colorblindness do you have?

- I'll see what I can do about this.

- On some of the harder levels where the desired output isn't very obvious there is a button(next to the output) showing the goal. A lot of people have complained about this and I will probably just add it to all levels.

- For some levels it's hard to come up with an aesthetically pleasing output while keeping the input at least partially random and I also kind of ran out of ideas.

- If it's free I might be interested, otherwise I just don't sell enough to justify paying for translations. 


About the pasting of elements - you can do this if you hold Shift + clicking left mouse button(this will copy a component or selected components from the board or copy and then place a component or a group of components)