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Hi, thanks!

Thank you very much!

Very cool concept and was fun to play through, thumbs up!

Actually replayed it few times to get the cat lol, I wish there was an alternative ending if you do it

Thanks for your kind words, I think its very possible that we will finish the game, it will take way more time than the jam version did though.

Hi! Honestly we see where we can improve gameplay, but we had so little time, considering this was a very first game I made ever, we will try and finish every bit that is planned, I hope you stick around for that. Thanks!

What do you mean?


Good to know, I hope it was worth a try :) Try this one, I hope it works

Ugh, thats bad, I guess there is no way for me to upload an uncooked version till the jam is over, I am sorry, I can send you a google drive link later tonight may be?

Thank you very much, me too :3

Nice looking game, surprised we are not the only one who did the laser pointer controls lol, cant wait to play the game!

I guess we have do it now :D

Thanks! your game is awesome too :)

You cant even imagine how much extra art was unused, not only concepts but huge amount of already made 3d assets lol




Video link does not work, no permission