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i really like the betting mechanic and also the names are fun

this time got a diffrent one for you it looks like if i dont pick any it gets stuck

Yippie :D

heh i think it broke

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Yeah i did help a bit super excited to were this game goes, im still wondering how do i choose how the slimes mutate or how do i like have a tiny bit of control

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My confusion was with like how does the slime get picked and mutate. also no idea what the vat tube, mulch and spliter does mabye adding like a cheat sheet you can open in game so you can know what stuff does. i did play it for a bit and it is pretty fun on how the slimes fight

its super fun but idk what anything does ;-;

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never mind mates ik why

time to get to stage 200 >:)

lets go :)

dam i got far

i dont think any one is going to see this ever but i have to much time on my hands

wow that looks great


i tried to break the game

im tripping balls 

you should add a way for us to lay eggs and we can control the baby spiders

just riding my noble stead

well i'm going to walk on my fly bridge 

welp ive just caught everything in thee game but i love it still and i can't wait for a update.

great game but im on the last two things the handle and the block and every combination i try doesn't get through

i love this game so much i cant stop playing it but maby you should add a house with people

and i love the how the sand mooves its so relaxing

wait its not cool


its cool

the most exciting game i ever played