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This is an interesting little game! I really like the artwork for the town and castle. It brings to mind the old Kings Quest and medieval adventure games I've played. Though I'm not as big a fan of the pseudo-tower defense gameplay as the controls are a bit obtuse, I think this is really charming!

Is there a way to play this with actual cards? 

If you're able to get that close to finishing, it should still be doable! If you undid the last row you sent, you could likely switch around all the pieces to make it work

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What's the lowest number of moves someone's gotten? I think mine is 17

Edit: It's now 15 on seed 3900

Edit 2: It's now 13 on seed 7928

Can you see the readme on the itch app?

16619 is impossible

This was really fun to try and translate to drawings! I made a few based on ships I got from this and they turned out really nice.

Just a bunch of dull pixelhunting followed by a barebones retelling of the monkey's paw story, which does not gel with the sci-fi setting at all. All the worldbuilding from the first section is worthless when it has no bearing on the actual plot. It might as well have been a rural farm instead of a space colony. While all the art is fantastic, this is pure style over substance. It doesn't matter how well animated the son is when we don't get to see the payoff of his revival. This mostly felt pointless, especially compared with Broussard's last game, where it felt like each puzzle built off the last one and the tension was consistently building. I hope his next game hues closer to that than "The Third Wish."

Solid pixel art looking forward to more!

Think the birds might need to be rotated

So glad it's updated! How do I pick up from where I left off

Very interesting idea, with a fantastic aesthetic to boot! However, some of the enemies and their abilities are cheap rather than actually challenging. For instance, on some levels it's impossible to defend from an attack due to a bomb destroying the only shield blocks available (and that's if spawn at all). Usually a few tries would get me through a stage fine, but others just don't allow for the kind of experimentation needed as you have to be on your game from moment one.

The game does do a great job at communicating what is will happen to the player though, each mechanic and obstacle is introduced and explained well. I think with a little tweaking of these mechanics would improve the game exponentially!

Can't wait to finish this! I played through the first one a few weeks back and had a great time with this one when I found it. Strangely it took a bit of trouble to find. I couldn't see it on your page and only found it by looking up Telwynium book two on google. 

Also I found a glitch when I tried to restore my game after I got to the current ending. The music stopped and I couldn't close the window. It was a bit odd.

Despite those minor gripes, can't wait to see where the series goes from here.

Is there supposed to be sound

This is fun! Though I have an issue where the game freezes whenever I die. I can't send a bug report in the game or go back to the main menu. Good luck with your future games!

This is very well done! The music and the visuals complement each other and make a great bittersweet atmosphere. You have just earned a new follower. Hopefully one of many!

Keep making great work!

This game looks pretty good! Definitely giving me GBA vibes. Though it is a bit confusing trying to get around since the arrows don't take you where you think they would go. I also got stuck after getting the postit an th

Lots of fun for a puzzle game! I'm not usually into the genre or math, but I liked this a lot! With more levels I could totally see this on the app store. 

I love the style here! I feel like it could work very well if paired with the right concept or style of gameplay

Good job on the game. It works very well for something so simple. It was pretty hard to make some jumps on the girders, but I finished the game in less than 3 min. One bug I found: When I held space and up at the same time, Dave flew up to the highest part of the level. 

This is pretty fun! I like the art style for sure. I look forward to seeing what you make next.