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As I just said on the last comment, sorry I didn't reply sooner, there are a lot of messages and sometimes I don't see some of them! Thanks a lot for all the kind words, I'm very happy you like the game. Comments like yours are precious considering the time spent to make a game like this. Thank you very much!

Oh, sorry I didn't reply sooner, there are a lot of posts and sometimes I don't see some of them. Thank you very much! :)

Thanks dead303 for playing The sundew :)


Hi d11ry8!! Thanks a lot :)

Thanks Luna!! I made the interface more pleasant and I removed this nasty "pixel hunting". I appreciate your enthusiasm, I try to do my best,  the first testers of the first part (14 places to explore at the moment) seem satisfied. Still 2 parts and it'll be ready :)

Thanks a lot, keep up the good work too!

Hi Boylag! Thanks for the video! I'm sorry for the pain caused by pixel hunting :/ I'm going to improved that for the final game. And translation too, don't worry. Thanks for playing, and for the voices, it gives another dimension to the demo :) (do you still think the robot is nice?)

Thanks, FellowPlayer! Even if the Kickstarter doesn't work, comments like yours and that of Cryptic Hybrid will give me the strenght to carry on. Even if it takes more time :) I know I have probably said it before, but keep up the good work!

What's happening in Shibukawa, on 27th December 2054?  You'll be immersed in a great story about friendship, intrigue and duplicity.

Hi, this is my first post here! I'm working on a 2D retro-style point'n'click game, The Sundew, inspired by cyberpunk. I realized a demo and I launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to be able to create the whole game. You can download the demo either on Kickstarter or on

>>>>> JOIN the project on KICKSTARTER <<<<<

>>>>>  The Sundew on <<<<<


The Sundew is a 2D retro-style point'n'click adventure game that will take you into a dark cyberpunk world where the boundaries between good and evil become blurred. 

The prototype and the story of this game have been strongly inspired by classic LucasArts and Sierra’s games but also by new representatives of the genre (Wadjet eye games, The Last Door, ...), cyberpunk worlds and Sci Fi authors like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson.

You'll be playing Anna Isobe, a cyber police officer who lives in Shibukawa, the new capital city of Japan. Her job, however, has become incredibly dull since robots replaced cyber-cops, almost eradicating all crimes. But in spite of the great performances of their AIs, the robots lack one thing they have not been able to acquire throughout the years. They lack... discernment.

The game uses gameplay and classic point’n’click codes. The focus is on the story, the visuals and immersion through music and sound. The main features of the game are the following:

- a standard point’n’click mouse pointer, easy to play with,
- a great story with mysteries, in a retro style cyberpunk world,
- a nice immersive ambient sound effect, allied to unique pixel art,
- a myriad of difficult decisions to make and undertake,
- in brief, a journey back to the classic 80’s adventure games you loved.

- genre:adventure/puzzle-solving
- platforms: Windows & Linux
- duration: ~3 hours
- languages: English & French

Find all this information and more on the Kickstarter page, and if you like this kind of game, join the project!


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Visit the website:

More info on Tumblr:

For any question:

I did like it very much, I replied to you on Youtube. Thanks again :)

Wow, thanks a lot, I'm watching your video right now. I like the way you make the voices! I'm glad you liked this demo. Thanks for the video :)