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2 Bit Determine

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I've never played the original, but this was very fun! I can't wait to see more! :)

This is really good! I'm going to use this for my current project!

Great stuff! Can't wait to pick this up next time there's a bundle!

Holy moly! This is very cute! Now I have to follow!

Yes! I think I've found what I've been looking for!

Awesome game!

Awesome work! Can't wait to use this in my next project! 

Awesome demo! Hope to see more!

The level I played was controlling two cats at the same time

Awesome! Had a lot of fun, but level two was really hard haha

I was very close to beating it!

Amazing work! Will defiantly use later!


Wow! Stunning work! Can't wait to see more!

Awesome job! I've always loved your work, OcO!

Ragnar is a run-and-gun shooter inspired by Contra.

Itch (GAME LINK): 

Thanks in advance!

2 Bit Determine 

P.S.  If you like what you see, drop a follow!

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Hello! I'm looking for some feedback on this ALPHA build of Ragnar! Ragnar is a run-and-gun shooter inspired by Contra.

Some things that I'm looking for are:

  • Controls - Are they tight? Responsive?
  • Sound - Do any of them sound particular out of place or overwhelming?
  • Gameplay - Overall enjoyment (Please rate the demo)
  • Art - Are they pleasing or is there anything that looks off?
  • Could you finish the game? 
  • If yes, how long did it take?
  • Is the game too difficult?  
  • What is your favorite part of the game? 
  • What is your least favorite part of the game? 
  • If you could add one thing to the game, what would it be? 
  • Do any of the game mechanics feel particularly bad / good? 
  • Did you encounter any bugs?

Feel free to tell me anything else! I am planning on making this a commercial game so don't hold back!

You can contact me via here on itch (comments), twitter, my website or discord! 

Itch (GAME LINK): <---------------------------------------- HERE

Twitter: @2BitDetermine


Discord: Capt1nToast#9427

Thanks in advance!

2 Bit Determine 

P.S.  If you like what you see, drop a follow!

Hey! Would you mind playing this game?


Apparently, I had a bug lol 

I found it and fixed it! I'm not sure if you were able to play, but please try again. 

So apparently I had mistyped something and the compiler was not having it lol

Game should be up and running now!

Hey Zen!

I used your code assets in this project!

Hope you can give it a go!


Hello! I used your code asset in this project! Thank you so much for your work and excellent instructions!


Hey! I love the assets and decided to make a small demo! I hope I can use it to start building an audience. I gave you credit for the art and music of course! I hope you give it a try.


Hi! This asset inspired me to make this small beat em up game! I'm sure you can figure out what its about haha! Hope you give it a shot and leave some feedback!



Hi! I love this assets so I made a small beat em game around them! Hope you can give it a shot and leave me some feedback!



Hi! I bought your asset so I can make this small beat em project! I hope you give it a shot and leave me some feedback! 




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Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate you taking some time to play! I'll keep this in mind when I decide to rewrite the system.

Holy moly! I didn't think you would find/play my game!

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Hey! I used your assets for this small demo!

I had a lot of fun making it but its time to move on!

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the free assets!


Wow! Its really cool seeing you comment!

Great! More player feedback would be better too! Sometimes I didn't know I got hit.

Cool game! It was fun , but I think the health bar is too small.

I want to thank you for not only taking some time to play, but for also writing a comment. When I rewrite the engine I will keep all this in mind! I'm just proud I was able to finish another small project!

Hello! Thank you for creating these sprites! I used them in a small game I made! I hope you can give it a shot!


Hello! Its me again! I was very moved from the positive feedback from others! I made another small game and was hoping if you guys can play! Thanks!


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Hello! Wanted to say how awesome these sprites are! I made a small project with them! It would be awesome if you can give it a try!