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It's made in gamemaker studio 2.

Really fun guys! The sprite work is beautiful and full of character and the concept is tight and concise. I could see how you could easily build on this, like multiple passengers and courses, obstacles etc. Would definitely love to see more collabs from you guys :D

Delightfully clever, playful and unique as always!

oh wow, that's invaluable. Thank you do much Johan!

Nice, I've got you :D Very inspiring, I'd like to try my hand at something similar. Thanks again, and congrats on the release.

Ah, I see! Gotcha. Thank you for the explanation. No problem at all. I'll stop trying to use it, haha. 

I'd love to know a little bit more about the physics behind it, do you have a write up or anything? I can see how the gravity/ stability works for example but it would be cool to know about what dictates the chord/ rope breaking force. Do you calculate tension or is it more of an impact force?

Hi mate, I'm absolutely loving this so far. Im about 15 in! The only thing I'd mention is I'm having real trouble with the move node command. I don't have my mouse handy, so I'm using the track pad. Dont know if that's a problem, but it's very rare that i can get it to work. I basically just have to delete a node if it's in the wrong place.

This looks beautiful. Really looking forward to it!

I love the combat in this. The character and movement feel great and satisfying. Once again, everything is really wonderfully stylised and feels alive. Great job!

Nice job dude, I love how alive all your sprites look and feel. It's full of character

Haha, loved this. That little shot of his bum really got me. I wasn't expecting that :D

I really enjoyed this. Just the right amount of head scratching on the bonus stages. Really nice job

This is great, its a really nice mix of deck builder, turn based strategy and puzzler. I really like the art style too.  All round, wonderful job.

This is wonderful! Amazing job. Great idea and execution.

Really nice idea! You could definitely build off this one

This is so much fun. Great idea. I can see it being really handy for rapid prototyping too!

Loved watching thisbone through! Thanks for playing and sharing!

Really well considered package. There's a lot in here! You did a great job. You got the retro difficulty right too, it was pretty tough until I got into the swing :D 

Really nice ideas and beautifully executed. 

Very compelling game. Had to see it through to the end. Really enjoyable. You've done a lot with very little. Great job all round! 

Presentation is top notch. Smoothing out the camera would give you something great here! 

Effortlessly cool :D Great idea, perfect for the jam limitations... and that audio!

Really enjoyed the gameplay. Something very satisfying about it. Great job all round, and a solid choice for the restrictive canvas.

Really enjoyed this. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses! 

Great work!

What a hero. Thank you so much for playing buddy, and the write up is really informative. I left you a comment on yt as well. Appreciated more than you know!! :D

Sounds great! I'm definitely up for keeping in touch. It would be great to trade ideas and such. 

I appreciate the kind feedback. I've only been developing games for a few months so I was happy with how it turned out. Just playing around with some ideas before the next outing!

Hey! Thank you, I'm delighted you checked it out. I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to trying yours out too. I found you through penusbmic. I've used a few of his assets before as well. You've done a great job with them! Looks very polished :D

Hey!! I followed it over to YouTube, but once again, a massive thank you for checking out the game :D

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Hiiii!!! Thank you so much for playing and for your support!! It honestly means a lot :D

And thank you so much for the feedback. I'm hearing it is pretty tough. It's difficult to gauge things after playing each section 1000 times myself so this is very valuable information.

Thank you! :D I'm delighted you like it. Thanks for checking it out. Means a ton!