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The A500 mini doesn't support ADF files yet unfortunately, so not currently.. at least not easily.... I will look into a solution though as I have one.

This is really addictive, great game!

Thanks Saberman, nice video!

Really appreciate the comment steveri85, and I'm glad you are liking the game. We are quite blown away by the response we've had. Thank you!

Thanks nikosidis, great to hear! I use a Sega Light Phaser 3050 with an adapter and an old TV. Amiga Addict recently did an article on how to make the adapter (issue 2, page 44). Would be great to hear how you get on! :)

Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know AmyMor.

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The weapons and ammo are also stored in the level codes. Think of the code like a save game. If you loose your shotgun then you won't start with it! Weapon and ammo management is part of the gameplay. Perhaps go back a few codes to an earlier level to replay and try to gain/conserve some extra weapons and ammo (or start a new game from the title screen).

The continues will carry through the game and are also stored with the level codes. So if you have no credits left when you get the code the restart will have no credits either.

It can be a bit hard! One strategy is to try and gain some extra credits through extra points, especially early on in the game, and to build up your ammo levels.  Level 4 and 5 are good for picking up extra guns and ammo because of the bonuses on those levels, useful for level 6.

Hi AmyMor, we've released an update which I think will help. Hopefully you'll be able to reinstall to HD and run now.

Thanks Per-Ola, it's been a lot of fun making it!

Thanks! We always have time for the Amigaaaaa! 🙂

Hi! Thanks for your comments! We wrote it originally back in 1994 and finished it off this year, so hopefully it's retained some of the Amiga magic from back then! I'm glad it's all working from disk. I'll try it on a 3.9 machine this weekend from HD and issue a patch as necessary. Please can you let me know your RAM config and if you have an accelerator. Many thanks!

Thanks IndieRetroNews for your support and coverage! 🤗