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Actually. I might as well put down all of the suggestions and ideas I have.

  • An ability to do a promotional period. Where they can promote on shows and do performances.
  • An option to pick to release a mini-album that will take longer to make than a single. It could make you more money.
  • An option to pick to release a full-album.
  • An option to add a Music video alongside which can have a budget slider for how much you're willing to spend on the MV.
  • An ability to create your own genre that can grow in the industry.
  • An ability to buy a license to cover another artist's song that can earn you more fans from the fanbase.
  • A situation where a former idol will accuse another idol of bullying and harassment.
  • An ability to release songs in other languages (like how K-Pop have English and Japanese Releases to help reach out to a larger fanbase)

I want to recommend an option to release something like a mini album or a full album because that would be really interesting. But also, it could shoot you through the rankings! :)

Thank you for releasing this! This is great!

I'm not entirely sure, it isn't my computer (it is but it got passed down) I'm using windows 7 on my computer and 8 on my laptop. Other then that, I'm not sure.

Hi, I've been having a problem where the game won't load or is taking a really long time! Is there anyway to fix this?

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I've just made a video about this game and me playing it, I hope you like it! (Super fun game, just found out I can't do math lol! X)

P.S. Decided to edit, this game is scary for someone like me when hearing that smacking sound, it makes me shake and scream. This game is definitely worth playing. if you enjoy getting put on edge!

(Also, this video was supposed to have a webcam but something went wrong. We're just stuck with me screaming as the thumbnail.)


Sounds like Higurashi. Saving page in my games gonna play!

I'm not that popular but I still enjoy playing online! I've played the game and making a part 2! Thank you for making this game, it's great!

1.) Download the game (I know you already done that.)

2.) Right-click on the file and click extract file then wait.

3.) Go into the folder which is called DDLC.

4.) There should be a DDLC.exe file so you click on it.

5.) Agree that you're over 13 years old and that you don't have any mental health problems.

6.) Enjoy yourself.

If this doesn't work try re-downloading the game and following these steps once again.

Love from Amelia x