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Thanks for the feedback! The first two are definitely bugs, the last one was semi-intentional. In the Steam version there was an achievement for making 100k gambling but those achievements don't work in the itch version of course.

Either way I appreciate you taking the time to list out the bugs, and thank you so much for the kind words!

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That is definitely a bug! Could you tell me what resolution you're running the game at? (by default it should run at whatever your display's resolution is)

I think this could be caused by the UI trying to stay within the bounds of the screen, which the pixely upscaling doesn't play nicely with at certain resolutions.

default behavior

VR is not possible unfortunately!

Really cute idea! It would be cool if you could change what you say by picking up different words in different order, some words would be harder to get to but would unlock different dialogue, maybe leading to multiple endings. but for a proof of concept its really neat!