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I want a drink

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How bout' i do it anyways?


My mom said if i dont stop honking she will bash my head into the keybo3847b5iy si7y3siyb4ytibsyb 487bys iyt4

Oh, then, sorry, i guess it's a bug?

That hurts.

And those with a touchpad? Masochismlandia

You can move with two fingers for a scrolling motion but the right click left click is impossible, so you can beat the game in a pacifist route without ever shooting, hard? Yes. Possible? Yes!

Yeah he just remove the fired bullets and place new ones, the casing of the bullet and the bullet itself are different so yeah, full load is no shots if you are dumb enough, it's basic guns working literally every gun ever how come he not know?

Just, do it. You can do it.

You are evil.

The game has a new idea that is really cool, to advance you must free the beast by lowering the pressure and restoring power, athough there is a good ending i think this game should not, that would be a cool ethical dilemma and makes you think "Do i really want do escape?", make the game longer pleasee.

I'm gonna be the fourth


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I checked the original site of the game to download it, WHERES THA GAME?!? Dude, i saw the trailer, the soundtrack is the best, and yet there is no game??? Dude, uncool.

me sad

Good point.

Either way, i will get it.

What do you mean 100 days? Do you say i have to rule for 100 days? MY day is ruined.

The good ending is when you see him, dying is just a "side-effect"

Dude, uncool. :(

Dude, i pressed WASD 82645364589621894756 times before discovering it was arrow keys, why not just the regular WASD? :(

What do you mean "hours"? How did you take hours to beat it? Dude are you okay??

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Yes, it's full of c-

When you replay for an nonexistent ending:

Does it?


You don't trust little girls in a train to nowhere that know that and steal medicine from a strange girl whos clearly sick and need them? Dude you need help, aways trust them little grills.

Dude, just edit you'r comment lol


Why not link the actual video? Sounds like a RickRoll, don't trust in this guy...



Dude made a whole essay about the game lol


I'd insert a McDonald's joke here but Nah bro, no one would get it.

One word:

I legit thought for a sec you'r profile pic was loading you sneaky boi.

reviews* I am not going to edit that so there is solid proof am the gud guy.