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Congrats for the first place!

Did a great job

Hey! thanks for your feedback. You are talking about my traps i placed in some areas of the map :D

I thought it would be morr challenging^^

I think its a good example for that games dont have to be complex to be interesting. Had fun, but it was a little bit short. Liked the Donut theme and the sound effects!

Hey there!

Added some sounds to the game. There are still missing some, though.

Came to Wave 19. Pretty nice. I had fun playing. Loved the art!

Just uploaded a first small update. Can you send me some feedback about the new Controls?

Just uploaded a first small update. Can you send me some feedback about the new Controls?

I did a first small update and would love to hear your thoughts about the movement. :)

Hey folks!

Added a first small update. Sounds will be there in the next one!

Check it out :)

Hey, thanks for your feedback. It helped me a lot and i improved the movement (hopefully to the better) in a future update.

The Update will have sounds as well. I hope you will check out my update after releasing :)

Really nice! The new mechanic killed me though.^^

@MiniJam 56:SKY.

Thanks for the nice Jam! 

Sorry folks but the time was to short for me to add sounds :( Anyway. I hope you guys enjoy my second game!

Thanks for your feedback, maybe i will support both ways in a future update! :)

Thanks for your feedback and for playing my game! :)

Now i know what a game with matching Artwork should look like.

Great game, innovative and smooth to play!

Yeah u got a point. Honestly its hard for me to find the right Artwork since iam very bad at creating something myself. (Or it just takes ages)^^

Were u participating in a team or solo as well?

Thank you for your feedback! :)

Yeah you're right, i didnt hit the theme very well^^. I collected most of the assets and then read the Theme-Announcement. To hit the theme just a bit i created the little Robot in blender but i did not had the time to replace all the assets i collected so far.

I think i will push a patch that works better with the theme and some of the feedback i got.

Your Drone idea is very good, why tf would i think of Electro-Sucking Bats? :D

Thanks for Playing!

Okay, thank you!


Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the Feedback.
I guess i will push some patches after the jam is over :)

Gamedev.js Jam 2020 community · Created a new topic Ratings

Hey and thanks for the fun (and my first) Jam.

Is there a way to see how your game is rated so far? Or is this a big surprise to the end of voting?

Have a nice week!

Since my "Credit-Scene" seems to be a little messed up, i added a screenshot.

Check them out!

It's very well designed and i love the message you give to all those, who might need it.

Thank you very much! :)

Thanks! :)

Yeah i used all the stuff i thought would be cool, but youre right and i will keep it in mind next time. Thanks for the Feedback, i appreciate it!

The Robot is actually one of the things i designed by myself :)

Error when starting :(

Thanks for playing!

Gosh, the Credits Screen is all messed up D: 

Normally there should be a button^^ Thanks for the Feedback.

Love the Song in the Background, what is it called?

Can't run the game in - App on Windows :(

Very nice!

Very cool so far!