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The fate of a world echoes across the stars. A cryptic signal reaches out through the void, beckoning you to a world of ancient alien megastructures and mind-bending puzzles!

Memory's Reach is the second game from my one-man indie studio, 100 Stones Interactive, and was just recently announced. It's currently in development and slated for release in 2023. Please take a look at the store page linked below for more info, and follow along: I'll be posting updates and dev blogs as development continues.

Memory's Reach is an exploration-based adventure puzzler, combining my love of scifi and intricate level design. The game has a large focus on environmental exploration and spacial puzzle solving. Take a look at the reveal trailer and screenshots below :)

Thank you!

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The Eyes of Ara is now available on

...and to celebrate I'm launching with a 35% discount, bringing it down to under $10!

Sent to a remote, abandoned castle in search of a mysterious radio broadcast, you soon find yourself solving strange puzzles, hunting down hidden secrets, exploring lost passageways, and investigating the lives of those who once called the castle home. Something very strange is going on inside this old castle, and it's up to you to figure out what.

The Eyes of Ara is an award-winning adventure-puzzle game that takes a classic genre and blends a retro feel with modern game design. The game is developed by me, Ben Droste, Director and Lead Developer at my one-man indie studio, 100 Stones Interactive. Please post any comments or questions below and I will be happy to answer them.

Have a watch of the trailer, and click through to the game page for more screenshots and info.

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Click for Game Page