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yf-22 raptor?

no, but I'm sure you can run the actual pico8 on that machine as it has an arm cpu

no, it doesn't, however as it uses an arm CPU that same as a rg351 the standard version of pico8 should run on it? 

thanks, fixed now, will be in the next release

thanks for reporting this I hadn't had a chance to test It. currently I'm trying to get poom running, I'll look at Celeste 2 after that

thanks for reporting these. Some have already been fixed, currently I'm trying to get poom running, I'll look at some of the others after that.

thats odd. its strange it do not affect other emulators. I'm still going to give the frame rate code a good going over though

Thanks, it is very much appreciated. 

thanks for the contribution! I'm currently working my way though a list of compatibility issues so will gladly any issues in your games to the list.

I have seen this with one or 2 games on the 350, but its interesting that it does it all games on the 280v. I'll have need to have a look at the frame timing code. i suspect its skipping frames when it does not need to.  

it's on my todo list

thanks for the reports, the next version will have a config file you can edit to change things like button mappings. 

That's cool, because I got into pico-8 after watching your fantastic breakout hero videos! 

the next version will have a configuration for setting screen options. 

thanks for the info, I've added this to my to-do list. 

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It should do, I dont have one, but so far no one has complained that it doesnt. :-)

That, an interesting technique, I had not thought of that.  I'll have a play with it and see what I can do.

Glad you are enjoying it!

I've fixed this. it will be available in the next release, when i've fixed a few other compatibility issues.

good news! Glad that helped. Enjoy!

Really great video!

That's odd. I've had reports from people who have the GCW Zero that it works OK. Are you running the stock firmware or something custom?

thanks. on this forum is fine

oh, and thanks for the donation. 😁

Thanks for the report. There are so many games its impossible for me to test everything, so I rely on reports like this to help find compatibility issues. I've added it to the list for the next compatibility fix update. 

Cool, I'll look forward to that. Would you mind If i put links to your webpage/videos on the tac08 product page? I think it would be helpful for new users setting up the emulator.

If I could I would release the code now, however for reasons I cannot go into in a public forum I am not able to at the moment. Hopefully soon.

you are welcome, glad you are enjoying it.

Should be fixed with v0.1.2

yes please, let me know of any you find like that, there may be some bugs in the PNG loader. 

it's on my to-do list. 

Thanks for the comment. I'm aiming for a release with PNG support before the end of the week. 

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Thanks for the comments and donation. Every bit helps a great deal. It's taken a bit longer to get the PNG loading than I initially hoped it would, but it's looking good for a release before the end of the week. 

the next version will have multicart support! Coming soon!

Just taking the source from the BBS page is not enough, as it is not in the correct cart format and does not contain any of the assets (sprites, maps, SFX, music). Load the cart into pico8 and save the game out as a p8 text cart. 

These 2 bugs are now fixed. You may need to delete progress from the games menu, in dank tomb, as it may have corrupted the save file.  I'm aiming to release a new version in a few days

This is now fixed. I'm aiming to release a new version in a few days