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wow looks really well done

In case you really want to see the result

I made it 1 year ago thanks to your tool, exactly what I needed back then :)

Nice! Thanks for the unexpected update

oh comeeeeeee on
I was so happy to see your new game in paint style and I got this xD

great job anyways, it's was unexpected and fun

What do you mean it's kinda easy? No need to flex here buddy

Yuuup, thanks! Invite sent

Hey! Thank you so much for reaching out
Unfortunately, we found a guy who's going to be responsible for the game sound design.

Since we're going to work on a really simple 5-minute long game, I don't think that we need so many people. But I think I'm going to contact you once we're going to gather new team for the next project :)

Hey, Hamid! Sorry, but we found the SFX guy already. Thank you for reaching out anyways, I'll let you know if something changes.

Hey! Thanks for reaching out, could you please check your discord profile settings? It looks like you don't allow anyone to add you to friends :(

Hey, right! :)

Coder / 3D Artist / Sound designer

Hey! Thank you, sure, added you.

Ayyy, guys! Does anyone want to team up and make a small 3D horror game? I'm learning the Godot game engine and Blender in my leisure time, so I can do both coding and modeling. But still, I'd really like to try to make a game in a team instead of going solo this time.

Please check below key points to see if there are any blockers for you:

  1. The game is going to be free. If you're looking to get paid for your time then probably it's not for you, sorry :(.
  2. The game shouldn't be complex, I don't want to spend years on development. Hope we could finish it within a month or a few.
  3. I do have experience in game development and I finished one small game already (it's not like I'm proud of it or it's good, but I'm just saying that I'm not a complete newbie and I know what to do).
  4. I want to go with the horror genre because it's the most popular tag here and we can get a lot of views and plays even with a mediocre game.

I have several ideas/plots for the game but we can also go with yours if it's a good one.

So if you're still interested, then contact me in DMs or here and we can move on to the discussion :)

Here are several references that I like (as the style or as the idea):

Hey, CoderJK! Okay, I see.
Glad you liked it :)

Hey! Thanks

Sorry, not familiar with RPG Maker MZ. I think that it works with sprite sheets, there should be a way to avoid manual cutting.

I don't remember what's up with cars honestly :/