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specifically v Is it even possible?

i had version for a few months while I tried to explore as much as I could, and I feel like downloading the latest version would feel too different, so I wanted to do it more slowly, but I can't seem to find the links in the development log like there used to be. How do I download version without losing my progress?

oh ok, thanks! :D

or is it just not possible on a chromebook?

what is cg?

oh idk then lol

right, thanks. I got it to work.

And my bad, I don't know how topics work, Im sorry if I inconvenienced anyone

or just don't go in the cave until you're stronger

So I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it works now but still crashes frequently, but it's playable

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I was playing on version up until a few hours agoand it worked perfectly fine, very smooth little to no lag at all. Until I tried to turn down some of the games graphics of the newest update (v0.2.02.0) and now my game won't even load, it'll get to the "majalis" opening screen then either crash or just stay there.

As soon as I switched the starting animation off it started crashing for some reason, because before I did that it took a little whole to load but it seemed, how would you say, firm? like there was nothing wrong just a little lag but now it's very unstable pls help? I was really excited to play the newest version

oh yeah you have to use up all your stat points on whatever you want and when you're done, then the button will pop up so you can actually play the game

also if you're looking for more lewd pictures go to the "pervert" tab of the main menu

yeah if what you want is to be dominated by the gadgeteer, then you don't have to buy the chastity cage, just walk around in circles and keep visiting her, after like 2 visits I think, she puts the chastity cage on you for fun, and then she puts a dildo up your ass I think. After visiting her more times she tells you something along the lines of "if you ever decide that's all you're good for, come see me." She is referring to getting dildos shoved up your butt, but yeah if you visit her again after she says that, she'll end up making you her pet and it's a game over

well maybe don't borrow so much from the bank firstly, just walk around and grab the caches and stuff, I think there's a "sell" option now too. Also to quickly get to the first town you could use a town portal scroll or go to the Altar a few times and after you finish the angel orgy, all the times that you visit the altar after that, they'll ask you if you want to be transported to the town of monsters I think, and from there just take a carriage.

maybe you could try weakening her with magic, and use oil incantation and then combat fire incantation, that's the most op spells

well isn't there a warlock in the mansion in the town of monsters?

i think selling equipment is already a thing in the latest update

well I haven't played the latest version yet (I didn't even k ow there was a latest version).

I've been playing in v0.1.03.0 for like the past 4 months so I can only speak for that version but I think the reason you can't get more scenes with those monsters, ie the goblin, centaur or wereslut, is because they're not major characters. 

Maybe you can try getting farther into the map and you'll encounter more monsters to fight and therefore more scenes.

omg me too bro, I watch a YouTube channel called The Imaginary Axis (they make videos like "how strong is superman?" That calculates superheroes strength and stuff like that) and they use the same background music as when there's passive dialogue and I've been meaning to ask these guys if they made the music themselves for the game because if they did, that would mean the guy from the YouTube channel plays this game 😂😂

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i just downloaded the latest update ( while I was using v0.1.03.0 since I downloaded the game (I didn't know there were more updates until I came to the, anyway could we please get rid of the fog on the map or idk, stuff that is 'just for looks' because my phone can't take it, whenever I press something there's like a 2 second delay and it's really messing with the overall gameplay. 

P.S. I already turned resolution to the lowest settings


you're right, that's smart. Thanks

ok cool thanks so when I download the most recent one, will it overwrite the last version by itself? And is my progress still gonna be there?

Wait what goblin eggs???

so im still in version and my question is do I have to download each update after that or can I just skip to the most recent one? 

also do I have to come here to manually download updates?