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Since the application was developed with unity for Oculus I don't think this will work. you could check the internet. maybe someone has a solution for this.

unfortunately we could not release the update yet, but we are currently working on it again and want to release it as soon as possible.

you can use the application sideloader for example.

just follow these instructions and you will be able to install the application without any problems.

thanks for the Screenshots!

But I'm sorry, I still don't understand the problem...

Normally the point where you select objects is exactly in the middle of the screen.

Is this perhaps shifted?

sry, I don't quite get it.

it'd be very interesting for me to understand this.... can u maybe describe the problem in more detail or post a video of it here?

Thank u first of all for testing the Linux version!

did you select the car key and the broken family photo? (important, no other objects must be selected!)

Thank u very much again for your help! I've corrected the error, and checked the other rooms again, now everything should work.

Oops, there is definitely an error in it... the wrong wine glass was chosen as to select...

I'm so sorry... I'll fix that tomorrow directly... Thanks for your Video!

Thanks for your video!
I understand that can be a bit confusing....

!!! spoiler warning !!!

as you probably saw the car key on the dresser is there in one scene and not in the other. That is the first item that needs to be selected.

You may also have seen that the family photo above the dresser is destroyed in one scene, but is still whole in the other. This is the second item.

Once these two items are selected, the door to the next room will open.

Be careful, no other items must be selected!

Hello, I am very sorry an English translation for the diary would be very costly. We regret very much that we did not develop an English version from the beginning. I have published a short tutorial on this page here. With this, it should be easy to solve the puzzles even without the content of the diary.

Hallo, vielen dank für deinen Kommentar. Ich habe direkt eine kleine Anleitung für den Spielablauf hinzugefügt. Falls du immer noch Fragen hast melde dich gerne wieder!