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Hi Jordan,

It's a simple yet fun game. My 2 cents:


1. I love the gun sounds and the blood splatter

2. I like how the zombugs recoil when shot and disappear when out of sight.

3. I like how there are zombugs of different speeds


1. Maybe it's just my connection, my WebGL version was laggy in the beginning at the start of every game.

2. The handgun is too weak. Takes about 11-12 shots to kill a weak zombug. I suggest either make it stronger (3-4 shots should do) or at least give a warning . The shotgun and machine gun are more effective.

3. I got mobbed when I linked the computer. Fine. Learning curve. However the computer display was blocking my view and I couldn't shoot properly. Again, a warning would have helped. Then again, maybe not....

Great work, dude. You're on to something!

Thank you for playing and putting your time into writing some feedback! It's awesome to hear what you think works. and what doesn't--and I hope I'm able to revise and make a much better game out of it. 

And yeah, it's my fault the game gets laggy at the beginning; the funny thing is, the reason why it does is due to the way that I make zombugs disappear when out of sight, so I'll definitely work on fixing that. For the computers, I'll definitely rework that too.

So thank you for playing, and I'll (hopefully) come back with something better! ;)


Yup the whole point of the exercise is to come up with a prototype. So that we can rework it.