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New bug with potions in the latest update. If you finish a room by drinking a potion, and then attempt to drink a potion as the first card in the next room, you'll waste it.

Worth noting that if you drink a potion, run, then drink a potion you don't waste it.

EDIT: another bug that's been in since the last version that I had forgotten (sorry!) to mention before. If you run Donsol via the itch program, when you close out of it the itch app crashes. Furthermore, if I try and run the game in Sandbox mode, it won't start at all!

Donsol seems to be the only game which causes this for me.

Curiously if you beat the game and hit restart, then you can quit it just fine from any point thereout. I guess that's extra incentive to win ;)

EDIT: Ok so this is *really* minor but:

- On the first turn, you get one card of each suit, right? For diamond, heart and spade, the picked card is one of A2-9, but for clove it's one of 2-9V. I've been poking around in the source code (for my own amusement) and discovered this looking at deck.js - I think the 26 should be a 25 (because you draw the diamond card before the clove).

- If you've just Entered Donsol, then pressing space will restart as opposed to running. However, if you press the 'Run' button in the top-left corner something weird happens that's neither running nor restarting:

  • The message reads 'Escaped the room!'
  • You are allowed to press Run or space again, as if you restarted
  • The four cards are not guaranteed to be diamond-clove-heart-spade, it's just four random cards from the deck

Thanks! I've just fixed these 3 issues. I will make new builds :)

Good catch with the 25 instead of 26.