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Wow Joel this was so lovely!! The assets are stunning as always and the movement/effects feel really juicy. I really like your use of the theme - starting off with a player that has no properties and abilities and slowly acquiring them. I think having the movement so restricted (ie. only being able to move left for a while) was so great, especially for gamers used to platformers like this, it feels really debilitating. And then so freeing when you finally gain the ability later! The level design following each new major acquisition was great too, allowing the player to explore and appreciate their new capabilities and restrictions. It's a great exemplar of graduated tutorials/skill mastery and level design. I loved the silly upgrades too - the elevator music, fairy that just says "hey, listen".

I'm a little disappointed in the commenter I saw below framing their negative experience as if it were an objective judgement of the game, or as if they understood what care went into making it/where you spent your time. I had the complete opposite experience and was extremely impressed by how much polish and content you put into this, and I found the humour really subtle and well-delivered. It's possible to deliver constructive critique without being mean or framing your view as if it's the definitive one - we're all different people and even if you don't like something, someone else might. Claiming something fails because you personally didn't like it is silly and not helpful feedback.

Aaanyway, I can totally see this being expanded into a larger game; each ability acquisition could be expanded and given even more time, to really push the edges of what the ability can do (or what you can do by combining one of your old ones with the new one). But of course, even on its own this is a really great game and excellent execution of the "you start with nothing" concept. Great work, Joel! :)


AH! FC you really do put the Friendly in friendly cosmonaut. Thanks so much for checking out my game, it genuinely means a lot because I probably wouldn't be anywhere in gamedev without folks like yourself providing tutorials and insight on game development.

It is unfortunate that criticism can come off a little negative from some users, but it's commenters like yourself that make making games a real thrill. Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game.