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Hi!  The game is really great so far, I'm enjoying what you've done.  I have a few questions/suggestions, though:

First: I encountered a bug where I slept on the first Friday of the game and then slept all the way to the following Thursday.  When I quit, my progress was gone :(

1) Any plans to add more furniture and objects?

2) Can you make an easy way to copy/paste the lesson plans?  It's so tedious planning each day at the moment.

3) Can you add the clock to the screen so we don't have to access it by looking at the menu each time?

4) Any plans to implement a cafeteria or playground equipement?

5) Please give an option to speed the game up!  In general, it would be nice to have UI on the bottom of the screen in live mode to speed, slow down, pause and see what time it is (and maybe some other stats, like what classes are running at the moment).

6) Right now I've just put breaks in between classes, but it would be nice to schedule things like "lunch" or "recess" or "free period."

Thanks so much in advance!


We know there are some bugs with saving and we are fixing some of them in every update, that's why game is still is Pre-Alpha. Sorry for your lost save data :/

1) Yes, for sure we will add some new furnitures in the future.

2) We know that setting up lessons it quite tedious and we are thinking how to improve that. Maybe we will add copy/paste.

3) We have plans to add some new UI elements (also clock) in the 0.5.1 Update.

4) Currently no plans for that.

5) Speed time option will be available only in the build mode (as it is now). We want to add pause in the future updates.

6) You can schedule "free period" be not assigning any lesson. Then studens will go the the rest rooms, use vending machines etc.

Have a great day!