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We are not planning to add mod support. We are going to release one or few small updates in July.


It is propably caused by your old grahics card. You can try changing quality in the settings menu.

Does it start downloading or just does nothing? After pressing Download your game will be dowloaded to choosen folder.


We thought about mobile version, but School Simulator is to big to play fluently on Android/iOS.


Game saves automatically every morning.

Sure, go ahead!

I don't know how your school looks like, but remember to have some space above stairs. Maybe ceiling is just to close to stairs.

Get file from C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\LocalLow\DandeStudios\School Simulator\Saves

and send us:



You can take new students only at the beginning of each year. So you should wait for the next year or start a new game.


It's hard to tell. Could you please send us your game save data or screenshot?


Remember to have a little space behind chairs. Maybe that will help.


Game saves automatically every morning.


I can't reproduce that bug. Could you please send us your game save data? You can remove a class by right clicking at one of its floor -> "Remove Class"

Also sorry for very late answer.

Currently there is no option for changing class size limit or merging. Sorry.

Yes you will get some money for each stage even if your student is below 1st place.


Competitions starts each winter. It will be marked in calendar. Competitions are splitted into 3 stages: City, Country and World. After winning one stage you are qualified to the next one. Your best student will go automatically for each competition.

Prices for 1 place: 

City: 5000$

Country: 10000$

World: 15000$

Sorry for late answer.

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Our game is working on Windows, Linux and MacOs. If you mean chrome OS by saying "chrome" it will not work, sorry :/


We know there are some bugs with saving and we are fixing some of them in every update, that's why game is still is Pre-Alpha. Sorry for your lost save data :/

1) Yes, for sure we will add some new furnitures in the future.

2) We know that setting up lessons it quite tedious and we are thinking how to improve that. Maybe we will add copy/paste.

3) We have plans to add some new UI elements (also clock) in the 0.5.1 Update.

4) Currently no plans for that.

5) Speed time option will be available only in the build mode (as it is now). We want to add pause in the future updates.

6) You can schedule "free period" be not assigning any lesson. Then studens will go the the rest rooms, use vending machines etc.

Have a great day!


We will try to fix it in the next update.

Good idea. We will add this in the next update, thanks!


Bug with saving has been found and will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for describing that floor bug. If everything goes well, it also will be fixed in the next update. 

For now you can only destroy objects, but we want to add undo in the future. Sorry :/

You can get some new students every year in 1 spring.

What do you mean by "it doesn't"? After seeing "Saving game..." your game data is saved to disk C on your PC. To load that just press the "Load" button in main menu, and everything will work fine.


When you are in BuildMode click the bomb icon in the bottom right corner, then press LMB on a object that you want to destroy.


Yes, we know that we have some money balance issues. We are trying to improve that each update. So you can expect some small changes in the next one. Sorry for that :/


Game saves every morning (moment after waking up). It is shown by the text "Saving game...". After that you can safely load your game save by clicking the "Load" button in main menu.


To destroy object to need to enter the destruction mode by clicking the bomb icon in the bottom right corner. When you enable it just click at object that you want to destroy.


Game saves every morning after waking up. You can see text "Saving game..." in the top left corner.

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Yes, we know that many people are struggling with game mechanics in their first playthrough. That's why we are currently working on in game tutorial that should be finished next week. If you want to make sure that your game is saved, look at top left corner for "Saving game...". When that text disappears it means your game is saved.

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Game saves automatically every morning.


If you have integrated graphics card Intel HD3000, it's a bug and we and trying to fix it. If you have different graphics card model please tell us.

Yes, you can change current floor by clicking arrows in the bottom left corner or by PageUp/PageDown.

There are few ways to earn some money:

- From vending machines.

-After each season (4 weeks) the ministry of education will give your some money for each student.

-From competitions.

It is hard to tell without screenshot or save data. Make sure you placed a "Teacher desk" with chair.

When you are in BuildMode click the bomb icon in the bottom right corner, then press LMB to destroy furniture.


Make sure that they can find a route to the target object. Maybe you didn't built stairs?

Press RMB on downloaded .zip file and choose "Extract all". Then find and open "School Simulator.exe" in the extracted folder. Enjoy :)

Yes. School Simulator is totally free, but still in Pre-Alpha state.

Every .zip file has been tested and works. Just press RMB on downloaded .zip file and choose "Extract all". Then find and open "School Simulator.exe" in the extracted folder.


We do not understand exacly what your problem is. Is the folder empty after unpacking the downloaded game? What is your OS?