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Hi i love your game its so interesting im gonna make all my friends play!! I just have trouble becoming director position any idea?? Sorry for how i type lol im using my brothers phone to play this because its not on ios and im not used to android keyboard:( 


Hi, have you been promoted to executive yet? You need to be in either Team A or Team B to have a chance to get promoted to director. There are quite lots of things for you to do to get promoted to director. We have the game walkthrough you can read on Inspire Games app you can download from Play Store. In the future, we might create PDF walkthrough that players can download from website.

Im on team f :( so theres no way i can be a manager? And ill be sure to download the walkthrough

Hi, if you're on Team F, then you have no chance to get promoted to director. Only Team A or Team B has the chance to get promoted to director. Do you have save game before you get promoted to executive? If not, then you have to start new game.

The game has a lot of hints put in certain places. All you have to do is just pay attention to these hints. If you just skip text during dialog, then you might miss these hints.