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I'd been eager for this game since I played the demo some time ago, and have not been disappointed. I honestly love the dossier-upgrade-class system and would love to see that expanded upon in other games. The atmosphere's great, the soundtrack's effective, the art style is charming, and I'm one certificate off getting all the certificates and I KNOW there was somewhere I could put a stepladder that I missed SOMEWHERE and I CAN'T FIND IT and it is DRIVING ME INSANE. Five stars.

I am not hugely surprised that I was not the only, first, or even hundredth, probably, to make a YouTube video. Mine, however, is unprofessional and somewhat cursed, since problems with recording stopped me repeatedly and even this one has a technical difficulties twist ending! I will post it here for the sake of publicity and also in thanks for a great game. 

Thnx for the feedback, hope you find that Folding Stool!

Look forward to watching your video