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I put the art on hold today in order to focus on the game mechanics and have decided how I want the game to start: There will be a row of text boxes the player can read by moving further to the right. I actually really like the idea, because it allows the player to experience the story while playing - I think it may be more exciting than just doing a text intro.

It literally took me hours until that text box really worked, but I still have a few problems:
- I have NO idea, why the border on the left and upper side is bigger than the one on the right and bottom - I've tried all sorts of different values but I can't seem to get it to work. If I won't be able to solve this, I will ditch the border, even though I'm really quite fond of the way it looks.
- The intro happens on one room, so the player actually only sees the first text animated and when he/she reaches the next one, the text is already typed out. If I can't find a way to solve this issue, I will probably have a room for every text box (there's only three, so I think it might not be too bothersome).

Also, I have no idea why the gif plays so fast and doesn't display the "i" in comprehension, because it is definitely there when I play the game.

The plan for tomorrow is to try to find solutions for these problems and start properly designing some levels. I've decided to let the art rest a bit in order to definitely be able to submit a finished game.

The GIF problem may be due to a discrepancy between the game's display rate and the GIF software acquisition rate. Doesn't explain why the "i" doesn't show up though. That one is confusing. Maybe some weird compression problem if the "i" is too thin.