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Hey, IndieGage, I REALLY liked your game. Parkour-like platformig + procedural levels? Unique style? YES! I had so much fun the first time I gave it a try!

Unfortunately, downloads are bs in for me since months, even the alternate download option doesn't work at all! I would appreciate an alternative download site or something. I would love to try this new version so much! >-<

It just doesn't make sense that I can download at 300kbps speed but's downloads won't even begin in either option!

(2 edits)

Thanks for the interest BlueJackalope. I've just added links in the game description to download straight from Dropbox. Just check the top of the page for the new Direct Dropbox Download Links. Enjoy!

OMG so many thanks for this! n_n I'm glad everytime I see developers who cares for their fanbase.