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I bought the game more than a year ago. I remember enjoying the content it had at the time, and I waited eagerly for Guillam's route. But with each month passing by, I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get it. I'm not saying I don't recommend Kokorogawari... I liked it. But for a full priced game, I have to admit I expected more or, at the very least, the "complete" experience. If the last route ever comes out, then yes, I'd say give it a try. If not, then just remember only two routes are included. Anyway, thank you for making this game, and I hope we'll see it reach its full potential one day. :) 


No way... He's the only one I'm interested in. Thank you so much for the heads up!


the development update that they stop working on Guillam route since they already disband. They update the access file of what they've work on the route on kickstarter update

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Do you think you can share the file with me? They've accidentally made it private now so I cannot see despite being a buyer.


I can't, I myself request the permission for a year but see no respond, so I guess they already abandon their group email. I'm not their backer and pretty sure they already share it to their backer so they forgot to change the permission cuz us non-backer can't cmt and non of the backer demain that they can't access the file.

Ah okay, thank you anyways :( shame that they could never fix this one simple and avoidable issue after all this time. 

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Hey there! Finally, closure after 4 years lol! I was actually able to get the files for his route. Took some major scouring lol but here ya go!

Guillam Text Files