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Gah! Ok, so I'm a wimp. I faint at the sight of blood, have a bad reaction to even the thought of bad tastes or smells.... So... the reason I downloaded this was definitely just a boatload of curiosity. 

Definitely glad I did!

Of COURSE the first route I pick turns out to be the vore one. Because of course it is. And I'm shamefully curious to know if the whole game's aesthetic is something people are... into? Because despite the packaging, the whole thing was just so... otome. XD So I'm pretty curious to know why the aesthetic is enjoyed, how that interacts with the otome aspect, etc. (I'm sure it'll be different for different people, but still! :O )

Also curious to know- did you have hopes of inspiring people with such curiosity, perhaps even empathy? Did you have any larger goals besides delivering an awesome game? 

I've got a lot of curiosity. >> 

Anyway, thanks! This was really adorable. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm a Nyargh fan. <3


Aah gosh, we're certainly not the easiest game to stomach if you're averse to blood, so thank you for giving us a chance! 

As for the appeal of the game, we can't definitely speak for what others want! However, there's been a general trend of monster suitors in media these days, and we also noticed some people wanting to court characters that are a bit more monstrous than the usual werewolves, vampires, zombies, humanoids, etc. 

We've both always been interested in horror-leaning elements like monsters, body horror, and creepy atmospheres, as well as dabbling in visual novels here and there. So when we saw a demand that we might be able to fulfill, and that we were both interested in, we figured it would be worth a shot. Though we did have that prospective audience in mind as we started creating Meeting in the Flesh, it was ultimately a project exploring our personal interests and fascinations. 

In a similar vein, we just wanted to create characters that were sincere and had relatable motivations, despite the unusual setting. We're glad if we made something that connects with people in that level - it was fundamental to the game design that the monsters were relatable, with their own everyday dreams, motivations and problems.