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Still plugging away at this. All posts specifically about High Fructose Hyperspace.

Working Draft Explanation for the Map of High Fructose Hyperspace.

High Fructose Hyper Space


Candy Space


Saccharine/Saccharide Space

This sub-net of the ancient Hyper Space Transit Network is modeled by the included map.

The entry point is the red space with the stone arch in the lower left corner.

The exit is the central pink space with the stone arch.

It starts out as a unidirectional and very linear pointcrawl.

Pink spaces signify the systems in this sub-net and their hyper space gates.

<PLACEHOLDER> signify a hyperspace hazard.

Travel through the sub-net is determined by drawing from a deck of colored cards.

Each draw of the deck represents one day of travel. When the sub-net is stabilized each space represents one day of travel downstream and two upstream. <OR 10 DOWN/20 UP??>

This represents the instability of this sub-net.

The ship will travel to the next space on the map that matches the drawn card.

Exceptions this rule are:

Any pink card will move the ship the matching pink space, and subsequently exiting through the gate.

The ship MUST stop in hazard spaces. Reaming there until a matching card is drawn.

Passing by a pink space with a broken gate allows for a disadvantaged Astrology test to notice a hyper space exit, and a disadvantaged Pilot test to exit hyper space. If a map or any other kind of foreknowledge is possessed that there is an exit there allows for a standard Astrology test to notice. Thereafter, it only requires a Pilot test exit.

Once (or if) the party repairs a gate within the sub-net it become bidirectional between it and the adjacent gates and will no longer require a card to be drawn. Travel with the flow is automatic, as travel upstream to another repaired gate. Otherwise, travel upstream requires a disadvantaged Pilot test (failure results in a draw from the deck and subsequent travel downstream).

There are two pairs of "short cuts" signified by a rainbow between two clouds, and a stone gate. Entering the upstream end of a shortcut is automatic if moving to the space, and if passing by requires disadvantaged Astrology and Pilot tests to first notice and then enter. Travel along the shortcuts is always unidirectional.

Additionally either Astrology and/or Pilot can be tested with disadvantage to draw an additional card, choosing one. <FUMBLE RESULTS?>

Hyperspace Hazards

These are ideas for either the cause of the Hazard or an encounter at the Hazard, or as random encounters.


1 Hyperspace Snarl

2 Licorice incursion

3 Spacehulk leaking exotic particles

4 Hyperspace Pallet-swapped Elfs

5 Goblin Exploration Team

6 Temporary Engine Failure

↓→↑←: direction of travel on the map of hyperspace.

<shield with rainbow/clouds>: Shortcut in hyperspace. Follow the ARROWS, or for simplicity sake, travel from the ORANGE space to the PURPLE space.

<megalith arch>: shortcut in hyperspace. Follow the ARROWS, or travel from the NORTH to the SOUTH-WEST space.

Short Sphere Descriptions for High Fructose Hyperspace 4/6

<plum icon>: entry/exit of hyperspace to the CANDIED FRUIT system. The sun is cheery and warm. The sole planet is orbited by the hyperspace gate station and a single moon-sized sugar plum. The "beanstalk" takes the form of a massive gingerbread tree. The entire planet is forested with gingerbread trees growing a variety of sugared and candied fruits. The inhabitants are short, stocky, green-furred people. Some of the fruits may grant a limited form of immortality, but only while within the system.

<peppermint icon>: entry/exit of hyperspace to the PEPPERMINT STICK system. The sun is a cold, small, white dwarf. The sole large planet is orbited by the hyperspace gate station and a cluster of peppermint shards, the remains of the shattered moon. The "beanstalk" is a miles tall pillar of peppermint candy. The planet is icy cold and covered with huge pillars of fractally growing mint candies. The primary inhabitants are giant semi-mechanical constructs of peppermint. The grown peppermint can be used as a superlatively strong construction material, suitable for large buildings and ships. Whole groves act like pipe organs when the strong icy winds blow through them.

<gumdrop icon>: entry/exit of hyperspace to the GUMDROP system. The sun is a multicolored mass that appears to be several suns mashed together. The system is a belt of asteroid-sized gumdrops and sugar crystals. Around the sole dwarf planet orbits the hyperspace gate structure. There is no "beanstalk." The inhabitants are a variety of gargantuan beasts, trolls, and giants composed of gums and gelatin.

<peanut icon>: entry/exit of hyperspace to the NUT BRITTLE system.