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First it was awesome. Now its super-awesome. Keep it up, great work, lots of fun

Some suggestions:

You should make minimum wind gain less strong. Even 0.1 blows the default tower right away. Maybe make 0.05 the minimum gain, just test it out a bit, so the default tower remains standing

The code update is great, especially the ability to add colors. Dont remove the sliders tho, they are really user-friendly. I have played this game with kids, and they loved testing out all the sliders. Dont remove them, hiding the GUI is totally enough. You could also add a slider for lighting, like color temperature and position of the sun. Another great feature would be a slider for tower corners. Making triagonal and hexagonal towers without coding, just with a slider, would be lots of fun for kids. Keep it up, this is a great game since the first version came out.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! It made me happy hearing that the kids enjoyed it!

Yeah, I understand that sliders are really cool. I am going to look into an ability to automatically add sliders for designated parameters. So when you execute the code, the parameters get detected and turned into sliders. So you get the slider fun from any code :)

For the wind, yes, I didn't really spend much time tweaking the min-max values :( I think that the value might actually need to be exponential, as it's too sensitive to little wind, but it's actually kinda fun with very strong winds too.