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Hi there! 

Musical Slugs are orcish music recorded on big, chunky magazines that you can slam into your head-mounted jam players, pop into your Big Robot's music port, etc. 

What are you referring to with the "Darkness?" Page number? 



So no game mechanic for musical slugs?

Darkness is mentioned for example The Prophecies of Doom result 6:3

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ORC BORG and other Mork-Borg hacks let the variable Difficulty Ratings of tests do a lot of mechanical heavy lifting. 

Darkness might affect the difficulty of a related test (like trying to find an unconscious orc in a completely dark compartment), but musical slugs- along with any of the other unexplained inventory items- could affect the DR as well (the unconscious orc left their skull-mounted jambox playing when they passed out). 

That being said, "musical slugs with greater mechanical effects" is a cool idea! Maybe there are special ones to collect, maybe there's a new character class that focuses on them, or maybe there's a Power that brings them to life. OB is very hack-forward! :D