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I might be missing something since I'm just trying things out things because I'm stuck on a mission, but every time I enter an auth code on a certain external system the game just freezes at a black screen.

Hi there - sounds like a bug nobody's seen before! Sorry about that. 

If you can tell me what the system is then I'll look into it. 

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Trying to avoid spoilers for people, doesn't seem to be a spoiler tag though. When I connect to the stratcom XT server I can break in and get the auth code prompt, but anything I enter there appears to freeze it. This happened in Chrome before I downloaded it on itch, happens there too.

OK, no problem - that is a known bug.  Basically, if you get the right answer there, that won't happen - the bug only occurs with the wrong input.

Cool, thanks. Now if I can just deduce how to capture login info. :)