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Kind of lame honestly. Why even list the game if your servers are only going to be up for certain play tests?

It doesnt even mention that in your info page for itch, kind of a big info point for anyone that doesnt want to be annoyed by 1 weekend every month server availability, or whatever you have planned (less than that going by your forums).

If you are not even in the "severs are online" state of your game why post on itch like it is available?

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Why not? As we are currently on Alpha stage, we always need just another couple of players to test it - for this reason we also posted it when servers were online. It's your choice - play it, helping us catch some bugs, or wait until early access/release :)

It is also mentioned in instructions that it can be unavailable, but since it looks like somebody can miss it - we will add an extra sentence to make it clearer.