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Unfortunatley we can't provide support to x32 systems during tests :( However, we are discussing possibility of adding 32bit support with or after release.

Oh! And we will also post a devlog about it :)

We usually have a test for three days or a week or two, then switch off servers to prepare the next update.  Each test is announced beforehands on our website and social pages. It also appears in news block in launcher when you open it. Next test is going to happen this Summer and includes a huge update for the MMO part - we haven't announced dates yet, but will do soon.

Thank you for the video! We will sure add more tutorials explaining what you can do in the game :)

You could see Starfall Tactics on Steam Greenlight but it's definitely not in any sort of closed beta at the moment. Right now we are preparing the game for the Alpha, and servers are unavailable.

Also, this game can be accessed either here, from the site or fom steam(later) - it's a usual practice for an mmo game :)

Servers are down at the moment - it can be the reason why you can't download the whole game. You can also contact us via so we could help you :)

Thank you :)

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Why not? As we are currently on Alpha stage, we always need just another couple of players to test it - for this reason we also posted it when servers were online. It's your choice - play it, helping us catch some bugs, or wait until early access/release :)

It is also mentioned in instructions that it can be unavailable, but since it looks like somebody can miss it - we will add an extra sentence to make it clearer.

Servers are down at the moment, so you won't be able to download the game. Just wait until we start another test - we'll announce it later.