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Every time I try to launch or refresh the html it just says "fatal error has occurred". Please help.


This is a new bug with the launcher :( You can fix it like this:

  1. Click "uninstall" then click "uninstall now" when prompted
  2. Click "install" and select from the list (do not install GirlCrush1_2d!)
  3. Launch the game

Even though GirlCrush1_2d and Girlcrush1_2cB are exactly the same file, one of them is designated by itch as 'play in browser' and the other is designated as a standalone, and only the 'play in browser' one works in the launcher. Sorry for the late response!

I'm having trouble doing that, I don't understand what you mean by "uninstalling" and "installing" the zip. Btw I'm using mac if it changes anything.