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No plans right now, I'm currently working on a new game

No, sorry to get your hopes up! The only difference is that the game file is now called index.html instead of girl crush.html, I was trying to diagnose the bug reported by SnapDragon (see post below)

This is a new bug with the launcher :( You can fix it like this:

  1. Click "uninstall" then click "uninstall now" when prompted
  2. Click "install" and select from the list (do not install GirlCrush1_2d!)
  3. Launch the game

Even though GirlCrush1_2d and Girlcrush1_2cB are exactly the same file, one of them is designated by itch as 'play in browser' and the other is designated as a standalone, and only the 'play in browser' one works in the launcher. Sorry for the late response!

Thanks! I'm flattered by your thoughtful reply. I agree with your criticism; the love bar used to be shorter, but I found that the relationship was progressing too quickly to remain believable. Ideally I think there would be more variety in the actions you take to raise the love bar so that you aren't forced to repeat content in order to progress, and that's something I'll try to do better with in my next game :)

Hey, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! My next game will feature a male player character and a female love interest, so if you follow me on patreon, you'll get a notice when that comes out.

I'm so glad you liked it! Feel free to post the url to your video once it's up!