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I love this game, can play it for hours and not get bored. 

Only thing that I would add is having an option in settings for tethered users, which will make levels generate that the cable doesn't get tangled. For example when I played yesterday I was going right for about 3 quarters of the level and at the end my cable was so tangled up I thought it will break, so try making a script that will balance how long you travel left and right. 



I just noticed that there is a spins counter on your left arm, but the solution I suggested would be appreciated :)

The default difficulty/gameplay setting will be open levels that combine into a sort of an open world (there will be checkpoints between the levels/sections). And for these it would be extremely difficult (if possible at all) to plan the level this way.

For linear levels it is doable, it's just not top priority :) But yeah, I have it on my "todo" list.