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I'm glad people noticed the indicator - it flashes pretty fast, but I thought it might be helpful to have it through the common route so you can kind of get a feel for where you might be heading.

And yes! The glossary should be more of a supplementary thing that helps give more info on things that aren't fully explained in the text. There's a lot of world building to get through and having the glossary helped relieve some of the pressure of trying to explain it all. If something DOES confuse people, they can look at the entries. And if they don't need it, they can just ignore the links entirely.

We're aware of the name issue, but thank you for mentioning! I'm not sure if we'll push an update just to fix that one thing but it's definitely fixed so that'll be reflected the next time we do update!

Regarding the short beginning scene, we'll have a look at it. It was trimmed down from a much longer scene, so it may still need smoothing out. Thank you for the feedback! OwO