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Thanks for the response Victor. I really appreciate you explaining the issues and engine limitations to me. Honestly, I'm amazed that you managed to get the mod working to such a degree in spite of all the limitations. I understand now that my original requests aren't really possible. I have one more suggestion that might be possible for you to tweak and which I think would increase the usability of the mod. The way I currently use your mod 90% of the time is by only using the W key to move forward, then momentarily stopping my sim from walking to change the camera angle and thus the sim's direction, and then pressing W again to walk in the new direction. This gives me a more accurate control over the sim's direction, rather than using the A and D keys to move diagonally. My only issue with this technique is that there's quite a long delay between stopping walking and having the sim become "centered" on the new camera angle so that they walk in the intended direction. If I just stop walking for a split second, change the camera angle, and then start walking again, the sim won't walk in a straight and centered way, they'll continue walking in the original direction even though the camera angle has changed. But if I stop walking, change the camera angle and wait for a couple of seconds, the sim will walk in the new direction correctly. I hope that makes sense, it's sort of hard to explain. Basically, my question is whether that "delay" could be removed or minimised, so that I can effectively have accurate and fluid control of my sim by walking forward with the W key, standing still for a split second to change the camera angle (and thus the sim's future direction), and then walk in the new direction without having to pause for a couple of seconds each time I change directions (in order to accommodate the delay and keep the camera centered on the sim). Is that something that could be tweaked, or is that a limitation of the game engine?

Yes, that's the same camera limitation I talked about earlier. The mod actually tries to get an updated camera position on every game tick, but the game only updates the camera position when its standing still. That means that the mod only knows where the camera is when the camera is standing still for some time. So unfortunately, there's really nothing I can do to minimize this delay time because the game itself was programmed this way.


No problem, thanks for the explanation. It's still a great mod despite the limitations and really changes the feel of the game, so thanks for making it!