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Hey Anyshk, sorry for the late response.

I do not have a Patreon anymore as I'm working on mods with SimRealist now. So if you want to support me financially, you can refer to SimRealist's Patreon page here.

Yes, that's the same camera limitation I talked about earlier. The mod actually tries to get an updated camera position on every game tick, but the game only updates the camera position when its standing still. That means that the mod only knows where the camera is when the camera is standing still for some time. So unfortunately, there's really nothing I can do to minimize this delay time because the game itself was programmed this way.

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Hello AdaSirin,

I'm glad you liked the mod and I'm aware of the things you mentioned. Unfortunately, The Sims 4 has a lot of limitations when it comes to scripting the camera. The game makes it unable to accurately track down the camera movement, and it only updates the camera position when its standing still. That's why its not possible right now to change the direction your Sim is walking towards on-the-fly based on the camera rotation.

I'm also aware that the animation may seem a bit choppy at times while on third person mode. This is due to the rate at which the game updates the current zone scripting. The actual game engine was not meant to have real time controls like this, and I wasn't able to find a workaround for that.

If these limitations bothers you in any way, I recommend that you give the first-person camera mode a try (Shift + Tab). The controls make it easier to freely rotate your Sim, and the movement may actually be a bit smoother.

Anyway, I hope this helped. Thanks for the feedback!

Make sure you have script mods enabled in Game Options -> Other. Also make sure the .ts4script file is on the root of your Mods folder and not in any subfolder.

You'll be happy to know that the look around in first person problem was fixed today in v1.1.1. Download the mod again to install the new update. 🙂

Yes, it does. On a laptop you usually need to press Fn + F1 for the mod to activate. If that doesn't work you can always type "dc" in the cheats console (Ctrl + Shift + C).

Unfortunately, I was not able to find the Turkish language in The Sims 4 files.

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As stated on the mod page: "The Sims 4 Direct Controls is built on the patch v1.52.100 (June 2019) and doesn't work in previous versions of the game."

Game version is unsupported. The mod will not work on this version. Update your game via Origin.

If any of your mods is throwing exceptions, that means there's something very wrong and that may impact other mods aswell. Make sure you updated all your mods to the current version of the game, and remove all the ones that the creators didn't update. This list from SimsVip shows a lot of the mods that are compatible, and the ones that are broken by the new patch.

Also, as stated in the mod page, Direct Controls is currently conflicting with TwistedMexi's mod that lets you use freecam while in build mode. Do you happen to have that one installed in your game?

Likely, yes. I'm working on a solution to this conflict, but right now you can either have TwistedMexi's mod or mine.

You were most likely playing with an older incompatible version of the mod. It just got updated to resolve traversal bug you mentioned. Try redownloading the mod.

Did you paste both the .package and the .ts4script files into your Mods folder? Also, when you entered the game for the first time, did you see this dialog?

I believe the shortcut one is okay and doesn't conflict with anything. About the free camera, I've already talked to TwistedMexi and we'll find a way to fix this as soon as possible.

Did you paste both the .package and the .ts4script files into your Mods folder? Also, when you entered the game for the first time, did you see this dialog?

As much as I would like to help you, unfortunately, the keys are hard-coded events in The Sims 4. Which means that they are basically baked into the core of the game. So making a key bindings setting is not possible. The whole game doesn't have a key bindings setting because of that.

Oh, can you tell me what mods you are using and how they affect Direct Controls? I've already had a confirmed conflict with TwistedMexi's BuildMode FreeCam. Whatever mod it is, be sure that I'll be working with the creators so we can resolve these conflicts as fast as possible.

You can click on your Sim and go VictorAndrade -> Direct Controls, or type "dc.settings" into your cheats console (Ctrl + Shift + C).

Yes, I am aware of the walking in place bug. Usually just telling them to "Go Here" will unstuck them without the need to use resetsim. I'll still look into it though.