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A simple, and fun game. A little floaty on the controls, however I got used to it fast. Considering it was a short game, it's not half bad, maybe a few screens in did I totally get the controls. I, of course, played through it for both endings. (spoilers) I half expected the white text to actually open up a door to lava or something when I saw the color, lol. But! I also love the other ending, not going to say exactly what, but I love how both endings changed the main screen. It's a really neat, soft touch that wasn't necessary but makes the game feel loved. And honestly, I can't like games if they feel mandatory to someone.

I adore passion projects, even small ones. And this one was easy, maybe 5 minutes max first time around if you suck at platformers like me. But the second time took me about two minutes. So if you got ten minutes to kill, hell yeah.

It doesn't do anything stand out or make something new, but it's a solid representation of what's come before and for a game jam game, the mood fits.

tl;dr: i like it, and while i know it can be better and see more that could come of it with potential, that's just what game jam games are meant to do. They're meant to make you want more, to want to expand upon the process. And this, while it's like many other games, clearly would benefit from being loved for a longer term. (of course, no pressure to do so, but leave this comment knowing you got a solid little game here that showcases you have a solid skill here, friend!!)